We’ve gone to the Bongo Meeting in County Durham and the office is closed until Monday 20th July.

13/07/20: Blinds

Steve Varey has been in touch: “Please can you add a discount code to the members area from Fuel Lagoon, the guys who make the windscreen covers with the eyes on!, If Bongo Fury members enter ‘the code at checkout on the website there will be a small discount.” See Special Offers.

13/07/20: Solar Power

There’s been an amendment to the Solar factsheet. See here for a full list.

09/07/20: ABS Diagnostics

There’s been a major revision to the ABS factsheet. See here for a full list.

08/07/20: Instagram

The Bongo Fury Instagram page has now gone live. Full details over on the Forum.

07/07/20: Wooden Flooring

There’s been a minor amendment to the Floor factsheet. See here for a full list.

07/07/20: Cornwall & Norfolk

Prices and booking dates have been announced for our meetings in Looe (September) and Norwich (October). See the members area for details.

03/07/20: Revised Opening Hours

From Monday 6th July Bongo Fury Mission Control will be open 9.30 to 3pm Monday to Thursday.

03/07/20: Shona’s Bongo

The stolen Bongo (below) has now been found. Taken by joy riders, found by Fire Brigade after reports of a small fire.

02/07/20: Stolen Bongo

Shona has had her Bongo stolen from the Yorkhill area in Glasgow.

Vehicle reg P932 OET. VIN SG5W-104766. Get in touch if you spot it.

02/07/20: Bongo Summer Camp

Booking for this event has now closed and information packs will be sent to attenders over the next couple of days. See members area for details. Late availability may be available through the campsite.

30/06/20: One More

Over on the For Sale page there’s one in Hereford

29/06/20: Revision & Amendment

There’s been some revisions to the AFT fact sheet, and some minor amendments to the one on Selling Your Bongo. See here for a full list.

28/06/20: Three More

Over on the For Sale page there’s one in Blackpool, one in Shoreham, and one in Northampton

24/06/20: Campsites to Reopen on 4th July

If you are thinking of attending one of our meetings please read our updated policy statement.

23/06/20: Three Beauties

Over on the For Sale page there’s one in North Wales, one in Cornwall, and one in Dorset.

21/06/20: Club Finances

As there is no AGM this year a summary of the club finances has been published on the Forum.

21/06/20: Rear View Mirror

There’s a new fact sheet. See here for a full list.

21/06/20: Graphics

Martin has discovered a good firm to renovate and replace your decals . See his Top Tip

19/06/20: A Nice Project

Over on the For Sale page there’s a realistically prices Bongo that needs some welding.

17/06/20: Bongo Summer Camp

Unless we hear different we assume this meeting (16 to 20 July) is going ahead. There may be limited facilities and local tourist attractions may not be open. Everyone who originally booked has been contacted. We still have 8 places left, although more may become available. You are quite welcome to make a booking and you will still be able to cancel up to 30th June or, if the campsite does not re-open you can be re-booked for July 2021. See members area for details.

12/06/20: Topper

There’s a Comfortz Leisure mattress topper on the For Sale page. And a London Bongo.

11/06/20: Amended

There’s some additions to the Rust Directory, one in Worthing and one in Cardiff. See here for a full list of our fact sheets.

10/06/20: Paws For Thought

Kath’s Bongo has been added to The Gallery.

10/06/20: One More

If you want to buy one then look at the For Sale page. There’s one in Manchester.

07/06/20: Latest Newsletter

Edition 67 of our quarterly newsletter is now available for download from the members area. It is available in both Word and PDF formats. If you are a webplus or postal member you will receive a copy in the post shortly.

05/06/20: Stolen Bongo

Steve had his Bongo stolen overnight from outside his house in Brighton le Sand, Merseyside. It is a distinctive silver coloured tintp with black alloys and a black roll-out Fiamma awning.

Reg DS55 LFZ.  VIN SGEW-606127. It has a New Dawn kitchen conversion. Any sightings to Steve on 07425167604.

05/06/20: Two More

Look at the For Sale page. One in Wrexham, one in Macclesfield.

30/05/20: Post Lockdown Staycation?

There’s 2 Bongo Campers For Sale. One in Brighton, one in Sheffield.

27/05/20: Post-Lockdown Meetings

We have posted a revised list of forthcoming meetings here. If you are booked on to the July Summer Camp we will be contacting you over the next few days.

25/05/20: Adrian’s Bongo

There’s a Bongo For Sale in the Coventry area.

24/05/20: What Would Gordon Do?

Check out his excellent YouTube channel for some ace Bongo videos.

24/05/20: Amended

There’s some changes to the Washer Pump factsheet. See here for a full list.

20/05/20: All Nurses Are Heroes

Especially the one who runs our Bongo Clinic. She’s come up with a recommended Solar Panel supplier.

20/05/20: RobRum Presents

Member Rob Harvey likes to dress up as a pirate and play some re-imagined Rolling Stones numbers. This is a member’s lockdown service.

17/05/20: Major Revisions

If you are thinking of getting your Bongo reclassified you should read the revised Motorhome fact sheet. And if you want to get your fuel pump sorted we have added a full list of approved Bosch service centres to the Diesel Fuel Pump factsheet. See here for a full list of our factsheets.

17/05/20: Self Isolating in a Bongo

Yes! It can be done, see this BBC news item

13/05/20: Rare Colour

There’s a Bongo For Sale in the Stoke area.

08/05/20: Get The Bunting Out

Despite the current lockdown thousands of people have decorated their houses to celebrate this momentous day. The Queen is due to address the nation, Vera Lynn will be on TV, there will be a Spitfire fly-pass and 1940s style picnics in front gardens all over the land. Yes! It was exactly 25 years ago today that the first Mazda rolled off the production line. Have a wonderful silver jubilee and here’s to 25 more years……

08/05/20: Antiseptically Clean

There’s a Bongo For Sale in the Bristol area.

05/05/20: We Are Pleased To Announce…..

….the launch of our new Travelling Kits. Yes! Get ready for being back on the road with these kits, which includes belts, fuses, a set of fact sheets and more. Plus a Picnic Set. Limited availability, see our Bongoland Shop.

01/05/20: Roof Seal

Andy has found an after-market seal for the elevating roof at a fraction of the price. See his Top Tip.

29/04/20: Lockdown Vitals

Ten tips for keeping your Bongo maintained when not in use can be found in this new Bongo Tale.

25/04/20: Fan Speed Resistor & Overheating Factsheets

There’s been some minor amendments to both of these. While we have some time on our hands we are amending quite a few of these. See here for a full list of our factsheets.

21/04/20: Rear Wiper

Ben Mitchell has a Top Tip.

19/04/20: Supply Chain

Although we have an order placed with suppliers in Japan there is a delay on goods being sent out. This is affecting our supply of hoses, see here. If you have placed an order for hoses they will be sent to you as soon as we receive them.

15/04/20: Speedo Factsheet

There’s been some minor amendments to this. See here for a full list of our factsheets.

12/04/20: Rust Directory

We have added 5 more establishments that can fix your dodgy wheel arches. See here for a full list of our factsheets.

10/04/20: MOT Holiday

If your vehicle is due its MOT on or after 30 March then the MOT is extended by 6 months. You must however ensure that the vehicle is safe to drive. This applies until further notice. See here for more info.

07/04/20: Bongoland!

A reminder that as the club shop is registered as an online retail business, it will remain open for the dispatch of Bongo parts and accessories although only on Mondays and Thursdays. Browse the shop now; you never know what you will find! PLUS if you use the Coupon Code Lockdown2020 at checkout you will receive a 25% discount! Coupon Code valid until 006/05/20.

06/04/20: Autogearbox Manual

This has now been posted online and can be accessed through the “Databases and “Downloads” section in the members area.

06/04/20: Amendments

The Auto Garbox and Selling fact sheets have had some minor amendments. See here for a full list of our factsheets.

30/03/20: Wet Footwell

There’s a new query in the Bongo Clinic.

25/03/20: No Bash

It is with deep regret that we announce the cancellation of our annual gathering at Stourport. See here for details of all of our meetings.

22/03/20: Roof Mesh

Ian Giggal recommends a Poole based firm for AFT repairs. Details in the Top Tips section of the members area.

21/03/20: Stuck At Home, Bored?

Then why not read our fully revised version of the Auto Free Top factsheet. See here for a full list of our factsheets.

19/03/20: Meetings

The Hope meeting has been postponed until Spring 2021 and the Wallingford meeting has been put back until October. If you want to book for the Perth meeting you must do this direct with the campsite. See here for details of all of our meetings.

18/03/20: Pandemic Update

Due to the deteriorating situation there is considerable disruption here at Bongo Towers. Two of our meetings (Hope and Wallingford) have been postponed and others are in jeopardy. We will not be taking bookings for the Scottish Bash (scheduled for tomorrow) pending further enquiries. We are in discussions with Stourport and Fforest Fields about the the UK National and Welsh bashes. Additionally, because we are now mainly working from home, the Bongo Fury office will only be open on Mondays and Thursdays from 0930 to 1500. If ordering items from the Bongoland Shop please note that these are the only days when orders will be dispatched. Keep well everyone.

18/03/20: A Personal Message From Darren

Darren Williams wants you to see this.

18/03/20: Wheels & Tyres

There’s some of these on the For Sale page, plus another complete vehicle in Matlock.

17/03/20: No Hope

The Tough Northerners meeting 27th to 29th March has been postponed to a later date. More information to follow.

16/03/20: Malcolm’s Bongo

There’s another Bongo For Sale . This time in Taunton.

15/03/20: Breaking

Two more garages who are Breaking Bongos have been added to the Forum masterlist.

13/03/20: Oxford & Bideford

There are 2 more Bongos For Sale One very smart. One in need of attention.

10/03/20: Hope

Due to a cancellation we now have a vacancy at our Tough Northerners meeting at the end of the month. See here for details of all of our meetings.

10/03/20: Cancellation Policy

We have been asked to clarify our cancellation policy for the club meetings. You can cancel at any time up to 10 days before the event without penalty. After this time no refunds can be given. Full details are in the information packs sent to all those attending.

10/03/20: Five More

There are Bongos For Sale in Herts, Northants, East Sussex. Gloucestershire & NE London.

09/03/20: Bury St Edmunds

A new garage has been added to the Bongo friendly garages database.

08/03/20: Paul’s Old Bongo

New member Paul Gooding of Manningtree doesn’t just have an elderly Bongo. He has the first ever 2 litre with a lifting roof! So we have the amended the “History” fact sheet. See here for a full list of our factsheets.

06/03/20: Newsletter

Edition 66 of the quarterly magazine is now available for download from the members area. If you are a Postal or Webplus member you will receive a copy in the post shortly.

06/03/20: Summer Camp

A reminder that tickets for this event (Co. Durham 16 to 20 July) are now on sale. See here for details of all of our meetings.

02/03/20: Soutbound

There’s a National Bongo Day meeting in Gloucestershire.

02/03/20: Bongos on a Budget

Member Richard Burton-White is organising a meeting in North Yorkshire over the weekend of 31st July and you can find further details here.

26/02/20: Bash

Lickhill Manor have increased their rally field fees for 2020. So the new rates for the Bongo Bash will be £19 per night with hook-up, £17 for a split hook-up, and £15 for a non-electric pitch. More details will follow shortly.

26/02/20: One More

Bongo For Sale. In South West London

24/02/20: MD Motors

Earlier this month we reported that Walthamstow based Bongo Friendly garage MD Motors closed due to a fire. We are pleased to say that they are back in business.

24/02/20: Automatic Transmission Fluid

An amended version of the ATF factsheet has been issued. See here for a full list of our factsheets.

24/02/20: Three More

Bongos  For Sale. In Wales, Staffs & Sussex.

19/02/20: By Bye Jeff

With great sadness we have to report the passing of long-term member Jeff Fordham. Jeff, who has died after a short illness, was a volunteer at our annual Bongo Bash and will be missed by all who knew him.

19/02/20: Manchester

Chelsea’s Bongo is For Sale.

17/02/20: Convoy!

There’s a National Bongo Day meeting in the North East.

17/02/20: Changing Headlight Bulbs

Ellen Moore has produced an excellent video if you want to change the bulbs on an old-shape Bongo.

17/02/20: South Bucks

Jenny’s Bongo is For Sale.

07/02/20: Wallingford

We have sold out all Thursday night slots at the Southern Softies meeting (23 to 26 April) but we still have a few slots available for Friday and Saturday nights. See here for details of all of our meetings.

06/02/20: Warning!

We have had a report of a catalytic converter being stolen from a Telford hospital car park. The Bongo owner was visiting a sick relative when the theft occurred, and it all happened in a matter of minutes. Thieves are targeting precious metals. It might be worth fitting one of these.

05/02/20: MD Motors

Long standing Walthamstow based Bongo Friendly garage MD Motors was destroyed in a catastrophic fire on Sunday evening. See here for details.

05/02/20: Kent

Chris’s Bongo is For Sale.

04/02/20: Southern Softies

A reminder that we start taking bookings for the meeting at Wallingford (23 to 26 April) this Thursday at 0930 by telephone only. Please have your membership number and vehicle registration handy when contacting us. See here for details of all of our meetings.

03/02/20: St Austell

There’s a low mileage camper For Sale.

03/02/20: Interlock Cable

An amended version of the Starting factsheet has been issued.. See here for a full list of our factsheets.

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