Please note that the office will be closed from 4pm on Thursday 16th and will reopen at 9.30am on Monday 27th. No orders, queries, new membership applications or renewals can be processed during this time.

16/11/17: Two More

See the For Sale page

15/11/17: You’d Be A Mug…..

…….to miss out on this special offer! Winter is just around the corner and there’s no better way to keep your favourite beverage warm than with this Bongo Fury Thermal Mug. Only £10 for members (£11.45 non-members) including delivery. The perfect Christmas gift for your better half.

14/11/17: Vale of Glamorgan

Owens Motor Services have been added to our list of Bongo Friendly Garages.

13/11/17: Sliding Door

Keith Houghton has produced an excellent video about what to do if your sliding door gets stuck. We have also put a link in the Sliding Door factsheet.

13/11/17: Two More

See the For Sale page

05/11/17: Windscreen

If driving in Europe you might want to take note of this Top Tip.

03/11/17: The Slashdot Effect

The Slashdot Effect occurs when a popular website links to a smaller website leading to a massive increase in traffic. This happened to the Bongo Fury website yesterday and you can read a full report on the Forum.

03/11/17: South Wales

There’s another Bongo For Sale

29/10/17: Cumbrian Garage

Welcome to our database of Bongo friendly garages a new entry in Workington.

29/10/17: Eastbourne

There’s another Bongo For Sale

23/10/17: Stolen Bongo

Please be on the look out for the following Bongo Auto Free Top, which was stolen from Crosby, Liverpool overnight Saturday/Sunday morning. VRN: T339LBK Model: 2.5 V6 Petrol Colour: dark blue with grey stripe. If you see it please email

23/10/17: County Down

Next May there will be an Irish Bongo Bash. Bookings should be made direct with the campsite and details can be found on the Forum.

23/10/17: London

A reminder that today sees the introduction of the “T-Charge” in Central London. Vehicles registered before 2006 will have to pay a further £10 charge when entering the Congestion Charge zone. See the LEZ  factsheet for more details.

16/10/17: Revision

The Alternator factsheet has been fully revised.

16/10/17: Power Steering

Just because there’s a problem with your steering it doesn’t mean an expensive fix. Greg Rason gives us this Top Tip.

16/10/17: East Anglia

There’s another Bongo For Sale

12/10/17: Cupboards

Vincent Lowe has forwarded us a pdf file containing drawings and plans for making kitchen units. Plus there’s an amendment to the information about transmission fluid (ATF). See the factsheets section in the members area for more details.

11/10/17: Middlesex

There’s another Bongo For Sale

05/10/17: More Amendments

The AFT and Spring Assisters  factsheets have been amended.

03/10/17: Late Availability

Due to a cancellation we have a pitch available for the Bongos in the Peak meeting this weekend. See the Members Area for full details.

03/10/17: Somerset

There’s another Bongo For Sale

 02/10/17: Amendments

The LPG, Wishbones & Rust Directory factsheets have been amended.

29/09/17: New Stuff

We now stock Diesel Pump Repair Kits. See the Bongoland Shop.

29/09/17: Wales

There’s another Bongo For Sale

27/09/17: Forum Upgrade

The Bongo Fury Forum will be upgraded tomorrow afternoon (Thursday 28/9) and there will be limited access between 1pm and 6pm.

26/09/17: Late Availability

Due to a cancellation we have a pitch available for the Bongos in the Peak weekend (6 October) . See the Members Area for full details.

26/09/17: Sussex

There’s another Bongo For Sale

25/09/17: Towing

Nurse has got some advice in the Bongo Clinic.

21/09/17: West Yorks

There’s some winter tyres For Sale

21/09/17: Somerset

There’s another Bongo For Sale

20/09/17: Availability

Essential website maintenance is taking place today and access may be limited at times.

19/09/17: Lancaster

There’s another Bongo For Sale

12/09/17: Booking Dates

We have now added the dates that you can book the 2018 meetings. See the Members Area for full details.

11/09/17: Diagnostic Outputs

Peter compiled some technical information for his own use and has agreed to share it with us in yet another new factsheet.

11/09/17: Derwenthaugh Motors

This Tyneside garage has been added to the list of Bongo Friendly garages, and to the Rust Directory. By the way, if you are not a member, you won’t have access to the member’s area where you can find a range of directories and factsheets.

10/09/17: Headlight Refurbishment

Neil Mitchell tells you how to buff’em up in this new factsheet!

05/09/17: Date Change

Due to circumstances beyond our control the date for next year’s Southern Softies event has been moved forward a week to the last weekend in April. See the Members Area for dates for all the 2018 meetings.

04/09/17: Quarterly Newsletter

Edition 56 of the quarterly club newsletter is now available for download. If you are a Webplus or Postal member it will be on your doorstep shortly.

03/09/17: Derby

Another Bongo For Sale.

01/09/17: At The Races

The date and venue has been announced for next tear’s Bongo Summer Camp. See the Members Area for further details.

31/08/17: Chester, Melrose, Herts

There’s 3 more Bongos For Sale.

29/08/17: Changing the Rear Lights

Peter MacIver has written a brand new factsheet!

29/08/17: By the Thames and by the Solent

And Mansfield too. Yes, there’s more Bongos For Sale.

21/08/17: Hose Clips

Chris from Chippenham has found a cheap alternative. It’s a new Top Tip!

20/08/17: Amendments

A Wrexham garage has been added to the Rust Directory and some more photos have been added to the Bikerack factsheet.

20/08/17: Buxton & Holmfirth

There’s more Bongos For Sale.

19/08/17: Tailgate Struts

Martin Sims has a Top Tip.

17/08/17: Hope

A reminder that tickets are now on sale for the weekend meeting in the Hope Valley, Derbyshire (6th to 8th October) See the Members Area for further details.

15/08/17: Devon

There’s another Bongo For Sale.

10/08/17: Office Closed

We are going on a short break and the office will be closed from 1pm on Wednesday 9th until 9.30am on Tuesday 15th August. No membership applications, renewals, orders or enquiries can be serviced during this period.

10/08/17: Southampton

A new Bongo friendly garage has been added to the database.

10/08/17: Torpoint

There’s another Bongo For Sale.

08/08/17: New Item

We now stock Hydraulic Cam Belt Tensioners for the V6 in our Bongoland shop.

08/08/17: Derby

There’s another one on the  For Sale page.

06/08/17: 2018 Meetings

Dates and venues for the Tough Northerners (March), Southern Softies (April), Scottish Bash (May), UK National (June) and the Welsh Bash (October) have been announced. See the Members Area for further details.

06/08/17: Password Change

The password to enter the members area will change this afternoon. If you have not received your email please check your spam/trash.

06/08/17: Devon

There’s another one on the  For Sale page.

01/08/17: South East & North-West

See the For Sale page.

28/07/17: Industry News

Wellhouse Leisure, one of the original Bongo campervan suppliers, have merged with German outfit Lunar Caravans. Details here.

25/07/17: Doctor B

For the last few years John has been taking photos and making videos with his 2 litre “Purple Pixie”. With his permission these have now been collated as a Bongo Tale.

25/07/17: Revamp

The Insurance page has been redesigned and revised.

25/07/17: London & Blackpool

See the For Sale page.

21/07/17: Looe

We have only a few pitches left for the Bongo Fest South West in September. See the club meetings section in the members area for more information about this event.

20/07/17: Models

The listing of all variations of Ford Fredas and Mazda Bongo Friendees has been fully revised. See “Models” in the factsheet section of the members area.

18/07/17: Tailgate Awning

Some details about something called a Packashack has been added to the Awnings factsheet.

17/07/17: Beds

See the For Sale page.

13/07/17: Office Closed

We are off to the Bongo Summer Camp in Essex and will be closed from 2pm on Wednesday 12th July and will reopen at 9.30am on Monday 17th July. No membership applications, renewals, orders or enquiries can be serviced until our return.

13/07/17: Cheapo

See the For Sale page.

10/07/17: Videos

A sales video from Japan, and Geoff’s videos from this year’s Bash have been added to the members area.

10/07/17: More Amendments

Following recent announcements about emissions standards there’s been some changes to the LEZ and Eurotravel factsheets. There’s also some revisions to the AFT and Aerial factsheets.

10/07/17: Five More

See the For Sale page.

06/07/17: Member’s Area

Usually we send out an update to all members on 6th of each month. But as the password to enter the member’s area remains unchanged there will be no email update today.

05/07/17: Amendments

There’s been a few minor revisions to the Wishbones & Sills/Panels factsheets

04/07/17: Weymouth

There’s a lowtop For Sale and also a Khyam awning.

03/07/17: AGM Report Back

Notes from the club’s Annual General Meeting held on 25th June have been posted on the Forum.

02/07/17: New Paint Code

A new code has been detected, 24F “Exceed Silver”. The factsheet and the list of products  in the Bongoland Shop have been amended.

02/07/17: Places Beginning With The Letter B

There’s two more Bongos on the For Sale page.

30/06/17: Looking for an Inflatable Awning?

Then we have an absolute bargain for members, see here.

30/06/17: Late Availability

Due to a cancellation we have a spare place at a discounted rate at the Mersea Island Summer Camp. See the club meetings section in the members area.

30/06/17: Worcestershire

There’s another Bongo on the For Sale page? 

27/06/17: Awning

The ever-popular Daytona drive-away awnings are now back in stock.

27/06/17: Three More!

Have a guess what you will find on the For Sale page? 

17/06/17: Last Chance!

We now have 211 booked in for the Bongo Bash and have been asked to restrict bookings to 220. Bookings will be taken up to 12 noon on Monday 19th.

15/06/17: Advance Warning

We are off to the Bongo Bash. The office will close at 12 noon on Monday 19th and will reopen at 0930 on Tuesday 27th June. No orders, membership applications or queries can be serviced during this period.

15/06/17: Bristol

There’s another Bongo For Sale.

14/06/17: Record Breaker?

We now have 201 booked in for the Bongo Bash. It’s not too late to book, and there’s no rain forecast!

13/06/17: Window Switch

There’s a new query in the Bongo Clinic.

12/06/17: Top Tip

Having trouble using that pesky figure-of-8 to attach your awning? Jonathan has the solution.

12/06/17: Addition

Scott & Margaret’s Bongo has been added to The Gallery

12/06/17: Lots More

There’s more Bongos For Sale, plus a drive-away awning.

07/06/17: Large Turnout

Tonight’s headcount has shown that there are 187 booked in to the Bongo Bash! Your information packs will be distributed within the next 24 hours.

06/06/17: Latest Newsletter

Edition 55 of the quarterly club newsletter is now available for download. If you are a Webplus or Postal member it will be on your doorstep shortly.

06/06/17: Buy One!

There’s more Bongos For Sale

31/05/17: Meetings

Dates, locations, prices & booking details have been announced for the September (Cornwall) and October (Peak District) club meetings.

31/05/17: Penzance

There’s another Bongo For Sale

30/05/17: Not Long Now

Only 22 days to the Bongo Bash!

28/05/17: More

There’s some more Bongos For Sale, and a camping trailer.

26/05/17: Haddington

Trevor Stamp recommended an addition to the Rust Directory which you will find in the factsheet section of the member’s area.

26/05/17: Plymouth

There’s 1 more Bongo For Sale

25/05/17: Unbeatable Offer!

We have a stock of the new Outdoor Revolution Lowline inflatable awnings and they have been heavily discounted until the end of June. See here for more details.

25/05/17: Reading & Exeter

There’s 2 more Bongos For Sale

23/05/17: Places Beginning With The Letter B

There’s 4 more Bongos For Sale

23/05/17: Revised Factsheet

There has been a minor revision to the Towing factsheet.

15/05/17: Paul’s Tip

Reversing the seats is the subject in our latest Top Tip.

15/05/17: Lowtop

New member Allan McDowall has the oldest low top Ford Freda still on the road and we have amended the “History” factsheet.

11/05/17: All Over The Place

There’s more Bongos For Sale

08/05/17: Bongolia

We have added some observations to the Glowplugs factsheet.

08/05/17: Buy Me!

There’s three more Bongos For Sale

02/05/17: New Camping Products

In the Bongoland Shop we now stock Cruising Canopies and Summer Screens.

02/05/17: Revisions

There have been major revisions to both the Childseats and the rear Fog Lamp factsheets.

02/05/17: Pete’s Tip

Find out where to get your tailgate struts sorted in our latest Top Tip.

02/05/17: Rare Colour

There’s a Bongo For Sale in Worcestershire

30/04/17: All Hayle the Bongo

Steve’s Bongo is For Sale

28/04/17: Maybe It’s Because I’m A Bongonaut…….

There are 2 London based Bongos For Sale

24/04/17: South Yorks & South West

See the For Sale page for latest Bongos.

18/04/17: V6 Maintenance

Where’s it located? And while you are at it, Nurse, why don’t you tell me the gap for the spark plugs? The answers are in the Bongo Clinic.

19/04/17: Factsheet Amendments

The Exhaust Manifold & Emissions factsheets have been updated.

18/04/17: Bargain!

See the For Sale page for latest Bongos

16/04/17: Kids at the Bash

We are pleased to announce that we will be running some organised children’s activities at this year’s Bash.

16/04/17: Even More

See the For Sale page for latest Bongos

13/04/17: Bongo Summer Camp (Essex)

A reminder that tickets go on sale today for our July meeting. Full details in the members area.

12/04/17: New Factsheet

We have written a trouble shooting guide for the driver’s side window switch. Also, there have been updates to the Awnings, Blinds, Fuel Pump Parts, Towing & Wishbones factsheets.

12/04/17: More

See the For Sale page for latest offers

09/04/17: Site Upgrade

Please note that this website and the associated Forum and Bongoland shop may be unavailable for a period on Monday 10th April. This is due to a scheduled upgrade.

09/04/17: Cam Belt Cover

Tony had a power related problem on his V6 and offers some advice in our “Top Tips” section.

09/04/17: One

See the For Sale page for details of a Suffolk Bongo

04/04/17: Three

There are Bongos available right now in Gloucestershire, Northumberland & West Yorkshire See the For Sale page.

03/04/17: Back from Southern Softies

What a great time we had! Geoff has posted a video for you all to enjoy.

03/04/17: Swivel Seats

New Dawn Conversions will be attending the Bongo Bash in June with their mobile workshop to fit swivel seats for the front of the Bongo. For booking arrangements and a short video see the Bongo Fury Forum.


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