19/04/18: High Wycombe

Bongo For Sale

18/04/18: Key Stuck in Ignition?

Yes, it’s another member’s Top Tip!

17/04/18: All Over The Place

From Buckinghamshire to Birmingham, from Rossendale to North Yorkshire. There are 4 more Bongos For Sale

16/04/18: Irish Bongo Bash

Due to poor take up we have handed back 10 pitches to Castlewellan, the venue for our Irish bash. This means we have 5 booked in with 5 pitches available. The others will be handed back shortly if not sold.  Full details here.

16/04/18: Revisions

There have been some revisions to the factsheets about Coolant and Audio

15/04/18: Two More

Bongos For Sale

13/04/18: Latest Bash Update

We now have 142 Bongos booked for  the Bash

08/04/18: Bash Update

All electric hook ups for the Bash have now been sold and the waiting list has now been closed as it is over-subscribed. There are plenty of non-electric pitches left and these can be booked by phoning the office or online from 6pm today via the members area of this website.

08/04/18: Amendments

There have been minor amendments to the factsheets about Rust and Gearbox and EGR

05/04/18: Bash

Bookings for electric hook-ups for the Bongo Bash start today at 0930. Please be patient as everyone will try and phone at the same time. All bookings must be by telephone on 0114-2550836. Do NOT phone Ian’s mobile as he is away on urgent family business and his mobile will be switched off.

04/04/18: Two More

Bongos For Sale

01/04/18: Dave Stanworth RIP

It is with much sadness that we announce the passing of Dave Stanworth, who was our Bongonaut of the Year for 2013. Despite having a double lung transplant himself Dave, a frequent visitor to our club meetings over the years,  raised considerable amounts for the Heart/Lung Transplant fund at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham. Our thoughts are with his family at this difficult time.

01/04/18: Increase

Please note that from today we have had to increase membership and renewal fees by £1 per year.

31/03/18: Sliding Door

Graham Freestone (Rocketscientist123 on the Forum) has added some useful info to the Sliding Door factsheet

31/03/18: Three More

Bongos For Sale

28/03/18: Pace

The new Outwell Milestone Pace drive-away awning is now available from our Bongoland Shop.

27/03/18: Bongo Bash

Full details of this year’s Bongo Bash in June have been announced and you can find details here. Booking commences on Thursday 5th April.

26/03/18: Upgrade

Essential maintenance will be taking place on this website, the Forum and the Bongoland online shop this afternoon and there may be service interruptions.

21/03/18: Meetings Update

There’s only 2 places left at the Bongo Summer Camp, but there are some left for both the Scottish and Irish bashes.  Full details here.

20/03/18: 24 Hours From…..

The new Easycamp Tulsa drive-away awnings/shelter! Now available from our Bongoland Shop.

13/03/18: Brighouse Bay

A reminder that tickets for the Scottis Bongo Bash go on sale this Thursday.  Full details here.

10/03/18: Two Bongos and a Khyam Awning

All on the page that we have cunningly entitled For Sale

07/03/18: Going to Spain?

There’s a new factsheet with instructions on how to change the radiator and bleed the system. In Spanish.

07/03/18: County Down

A reminder that tickets go on sale tomorrow for the Irish Bongo Bash which will be held over the late May Bank Holiday weekend. Full details here.

05/03/18: MOT

There’s new MOT factsheet that explains the changes to the MOT test due in May

02/03/18: Market Rasen

There’s only 6 tickets left for the Bongo Summer Camp. Full details here.

28/02/18: Bongo Friendly Garages

There’s been some amendments and deletions. See the “Databases & Downloads” section in the members area for the latest list.

26/02/18: Revision

The generic Mazda OBD 2 codes have been added to the  has been added to the Diagnostics factsheet.

24/02/18: A Farewell to Helen

Bongo Fury member Mark Wallder has been in touch to tell us that his wife, Helen, passed away on 21st February. Helen was a keen Bongonaut and you may remember her from meetings over the last few years. Mark has requested that anyone who is able to do so should meet at the gates of the crematorium at Garford, near Abingdon OX13 5PA on Wednesday 14th March at 12.50. There it is hoped to form a guard of honour as the hearse arrives. Even if you didn’t know Helen it would be nice to give her such a nice send off.

23/02/18: Bongo Summer Camp

A reminder that tickets for the August meeting at Market Rasen Racecourse go on sale next Thursday. Full details here.

23/02/18: Spoof

We have received a few reports of fake invoices being emailed to people that appear to be from Bongo Fury. They are not from us and should be deleted. Whatever you do, DO NOT click on the link to the invoice as this will infect your device with Ransomware.

18/02/18: Amendment

Some useful information about removing tailgate bulbs on new shape Bongos has been added to the Bulbs factsheet.

16/02/18: Wallingford

All of the 3-night tickets have now been sold but we still have Friday/Saturday availability. Full details here.

15/02/18: Awning

We have taken delivery of a small quantity of Wimberley drive away awnings.

15/02/18: Revision

The Wastegate factsheet has been updated.

12/02/18: Southern Softies

A reminder that tickets for the April meeting the Thames Valley go on sale this Thursday. Full details here.

08/02/18: Tough Northerners

All 30 places at the meeting in Dent (23 to 25 March Yorkshire Dales) have now been sold and a waiting list is in operation. Full details here.

07/02/18: A Banger, A Bargain, and a Top Camper

See these vehicles For Sale

06/02/18: New Password

The password for the members area changes at 3pm today. Members should receive an email with the latest password. If not check your spam. If it’s still not there, get in touch.

05/02/18: Sheffield

Another Bongo For Sale

02/02/18: Bongo Friendly Garages

Two more have been added to the database in the members area; one in Sussex and one in Gwynedd.

30/01/18: North Cape

Stuart Regler’s Bongo has been added to the Gallery.

30/01/18: Minor Amendment

The Continental Headlights factsheet has been updated.

28/01/18: Bournemouth

Another Bongo For Sale

24/01/18: County Down

The booking details have been changed for the Irish Bongo Bash over the Spring bank holiday weekend. Full details here.

22/01/18: Dent

A reminder that we start taking bookings for our first meeting of the year (23 to 25 March Yorkshire Dales) this Thursday at 0930. Bookings by telephone only. Full details here.

22/01/18: Fans

What is the difference between a scavenger and a radiator fan? See the Bongo Clinic

19/01/18: Get It Fixed!

Ken’s thermostat is stuck. Or possibly not there at all. Nurse in the Clinic tells him what to do.

19/01/18: Minor Amendments

The AFT, Continental Headlights, LPG and Sills factsheets have been updated.

14/01/18: Day Van Insurance

Caravanwise Insurance have been in touch to say that they can provide campervan insurance even if your Bongo is not listed as a “Motorhome” on your log book. More information here.

07/01/18: It’s Awning Time!

There’s been some innovative solutions for your storage and living space for 2018 including the Milestone Pace “lean-to” awning, the Tulsa “Quick-Erect” Shelter, and the return of the popular Wimberley tunnel awning. Huge discounts off the Recommended Retail Price in the Awnings section of our Bongoland shop; order now for March delivery!

05/01/18: Lancashire, Somerset & Kent

Three more Bongos For Sale

02/01/18: Back in Action

Happy New Year Bongonauts Everywhere!

14/12/17: Cylinder Heads

Bridge Cylinder Heads can supply a re-manufactured cylinder head for £395 plus VAT. See the Forum for more details.

13/12/17: Bucks

Jenny has put her Bongo up For Sale.

11/12/17: Revision

The Glowplugs factsheet has been updated with some useful information about the longer plugs.

07/12/17: Emissions Update

Leeds has announced plans to introduce a clean air zone within the outer ring road. But there are no plans to introduce it for private vehicles. Not yet anyway. See BBC website for details.

07/12/17: Best Photos

To celebrate his Bongo doing 400,000 miles “Muz” has posted his favourite photos of the last 10 years on the Forum.

07/12/17: New Video

Brian took some excellent drone and ground based film of the toasted sandwich competition at the Staffordshire meeting in October. See the Videos section in the members area.

28/11/17: Quarterly Newsletter

The latest edition of the club newsletter is now available for download. Postal and Webplus members will receive a copy in the post shortly.

28/11/17: Tim’s Bongo

This is For Sale

27/11/17: Three More

There’s one in South Wales, one in Nottingham, and one in Cornwall. Plus a kitchen unit. See the For Sale page

15/11/17: You’d Be A Mug…..

…….to miss out on this special offer! Winter is just around the corner and there’s no better way to keep your favourite beverage warm than with this Bongo Fury Thermal Mug. Only £10 for members (£11.45 non-members) including delivery. The perfect Christmas gift for your better half.

14/11/17: Vale of Glamorgan

Owens Motor Services have been added to our list of Bongo Friendly Garages.

13/11/17: Sliding Door

Keith Houghton has produced an excellent video about what to do if your sliding door gets stuck. We have also put a link in the Sliding Door factsheet.

13/11/17: Two More

See the For Sale page

05/11/17: Windscreen

If driving in Europe you might want to take note of this Top Tip.

03/11/17: The Slashdot Effect

The Slashdot Effect occurs when a popular website links to a smaller website leading to a massive increase in traffic. This happened to the Bongo Fury website yesterday and you can read a full report on the Forum.

03/11/17: South Wales

There’s another Bongo For Sale

29/10/17: Cumbrian Garage

Welcome to our database of Bongo friendly garages a new entry in Workington.

29/10/17: Eastbourne

There’s another Bongo For Sale

23/10/17: Stolen Bongo

Please be on the look out for the following Bongo Auto Free Top, which was stolen from Crosby, Liverpool overnight Saturday/Sunday morning. VRN: T339LBK Model: 2.5 V6 Petrol Colour: dark blue with grey stripe. If you see it please email

23/10/17: County Down

Next May there will be an Irish Bongo Bash. Bookings should be made direct with the campsite and details can be found on the Forum.

23/10/17: London

A reminder that today sees the introduction of the “T-Charge” in Central London. Vehicles registered before 2006 will have to pay a further £10 charge when entering the Congestion Charge zone. See the LEZ  factsheet for more details.

16/10/17: Revision

The Alternator factsheet has been fully revised.

16/10/17: Power Steering

Just because there’s a problem with your steering it doesn’t mean an expensive fix. Greg Rason gives us this Top Tip.

16/10/17: East Anglia

There’s another Bongo For Sale

12/10/17: Cupboards

Vincent Lowe has forwarded us a pdf file containing drawings and plans for making kitchen units. Plus there’s an amendment to the information about transmission fluid (ATF). See the factsheets section in the members area for more details.

11/10/17: Middlesex

There’s another Bongo For Sale

05/10/17: More Amendments

The AFT and Spring Assisters  factsheets have been amended.

03/10/17: Late Availability

Due to a cancellation we have a pitch available for the Bongos in the Peak meeting this weekend. See the Members Area for full details.

03/10/17: Somerset

There’s another Bongo For Sale

 02/10/17: Amendments

The LPG, Wishbones & Rust Directory factsheets have been amended.

29/09/17: New Stuff

We now stock Diesel Pump Repair Kits. See the Bongoland Shop.

29/09/17: Wales

There’s another Bongo For Sale

27/09/17: Forum Upgrade

The Bongo Fury Forum will be upgraded tomorrow afternoon (Thursday 28/9) and there will be limited access between 1pm and 6pm.

26/09/17: Late Availability

Due to a cancellation we have a pitch available for the Bongos in the Peak weekend (6 October) . See the Members Area for full details.

26/09/17: Sussex

There’s another Bongo For Sale

25/09/17: Towing

Nurse has got some advice in the Bongo Clinic.

21/09/17: West Yorks

There’s some winter tyres For Sale

21/09/17: Somerset

There’s another Bongo For Sale

20/09/17: Availability

Essential website maintenance is taking place today and access may be limited at times.

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