15/08/18: Next Year’s Meetings

These have now been confirmed and you will find a full list of dates, venues, and when you can book in the member’s area.

14/08/18: A Day at the Races

Ever wondered what goes on at the Bongo meetings? Read a full report in this new Bongo Tale.

12/08/18: Warning!

If you are selling your Bongo beware that there are (not very good) scammers out there. Like “Curtis” for example. See this Forum posting.

12/08/18: One More

There’s a bargain on the For Sale page

08/08/18: Bongo Fest South West

We have only 8 pitches left of our allocated 80 pitches at the Looe meeting.  See here for more info.

08/18/18: Three More

There are Bongos For Sale in Kent, Deryshire & Dorset

30/07/18: Key Facts

We have found someone who can cut replacements keys from a good quality photos so we have taken the opportunity to fully revise the “Keys” factsheet

27/07/18: Four More

There are Bongos For Sale in Gwent, Nottingham, Somerset and Devon

24/07/18: Lots More

There’s Bongos in Farnham, Deryshire, Somerset and Cornwall. Plus a trade ad in Sheffield. See the page that shows everything that is For Sale

11/07/18: Auto Free Top

As some of the links were not working we have issued a revised “AFT” factsheet

10/07/18: Berks & Staffs

Two more For Sale

05/07/18: Huge Reductions!

The school holidays are nearly here and we have a fabulous deal on drive away awnings.

05/07/18: Norfolk

There’s another one For Sale

01/07/18: Tyres

We have completed a survey of available tyres, including budget, premium, all year and winter only, and have summarised the info in a revision of the “Tyres” factsheet

01/07/18: Stourbridge

There’s another one For Sale

26/06/18: AGM Report

Find out what happened at the AGM, including the Bongonaut(s) of the Year award over on the Forum.

26/06/18: Thanks for Volunteering

This year’s Bongo Bash was a massive success with a huge turnout (269!) and fantastic weather. But it would not have taken place without our army of volunteers – you know who you are! – and I want to send you all my personal thanks. By the way, if you are interested in volunteering to help out at next year’s event then get in touch. Cheers everyone, Ian.

26/06/18: Essex & Kent

There’s a couple more For Sale

17/06/18: Advice from Russian Bongo Owners

There’s been a recent exchange of correspondence regarding turbo wastegate issues on late edition diesel Bongos. It has been added to the factsheet entitled “Wastegate Actuator”

15/06/18: South West London

There’s an awning, and two Bongos For Sale

11/06/18: Going to France

There’s new question and answer in the the Bongo Clinic.

07/06/18: Bash News

We now have 229 booked in for the Bongo Bash and the site limit is 245.

07/06/18: Two More

There’s a couple more For Sale

31/05/18: Latest Newsletter

The latest edition of the quarterly club newsletter is now available for download from the members area.

31/05/18: Bash Update

Information packs will be sent out over the next few days. There are 206 Bongos booked in so far!

29/05/18: Dipsticks & Central Locking

Two more queries for nurse in the Bongo Clinic.

29/05/18: All Over The Place

There’s plenty more Bongos, and an inflatable awning For Sale

27/05/18: Bongo Buddy

Member Richard Gentle runs the “Bongo Buddy” website.

It is a free service to the Bongo community, to enhance, rather than compete with, the two main parties: Bongo Fury and the various Facebook groups. It is an excellent resource tool and highly recommended.

27/05/18: Sheffield

There’s two more Steel City Bongos For Sale

24/05/18: Meetings in Cornwall and Wales

Prices have been announced for these two meetings (September and October respectively).  Full details here.

24/05/18: South Yorkshire & Mid Wales & Devon

There’s three more Bongos For Sale

21/05/18: Gearbox

Over in the Bongo Clinic there’s some useful information about what to do if your auto-transmission starts behaving erratically.

21/05/18: Latest

There’s another Bongo For Sale

16/05/18: Re-Registering as a Motorhome

If you are thinking about doing this you should consult the factsheet entitled “Motorhome” which has been revised.

13/05/18: Late Availability

Following some last minute cancellations we have 2 places available at next weekend’s Scottish Bash and 1 place at our Summer Camp.  Full details here.

13/05/18: Lots

There’s more Bongos For Sale

30/04/18: Friday Night Entertainment

On Friday night at the Bongo Bash DJ Dano will be hosting “Stourport’s Got Talent“! All welcome.

30/04/18: Five More Campervans

Sheffield. Brighton. Worcester. South Wales. Bristol. Bongos For Sale

28/04/18: Amendment

There have been minor amendments to the factsheet about Rust

28/04/18: Bongo Friendly Garage

There’s been a new one added from West Yorkshire to the database. See the “Databases & Downloads” section in the members area for the latest list.

18/04/18: Key Stuck in Ignition?

Yes, it’s another member’s Top Tip!

17/04/18: All Over The Place

From Buckinghamshire to Birmingham, from Rossendale to North Yorkshire. There are 4 more Bongos For Sale

16/04/18: Irish Bongo Bash

Due to poor take up we have handed back 10 pitches to Castlewellan, the venue for our Irish bash. This means we have 5 booked in with 5 pitches available. The others will be handed back shortly if not sold.  Full details here.

16/04/18: Revisions

There have been some revisions to the factsheets about Coolant and Audio

15/04/18: Two More

Bongos For Sale

13/04/18: Latest Bash Update

We now have 142 Bongos booked for  the Bash

08/04/18: Bash Update

All electric hook ups for the Bash have now been sold and the waiting list has now been closed as it is over-subscribed. There are plenty of non-electric pitches left and these can be booked by phoning the office or online from 6pm today via the members area of this website.

08/04/18: Amendments

There have been minor amendments to the factsheets about Rust and Gearbox and EGR

05/04/18: Bash

Bookings for electric hook-ups for the Bongo Bash start today at 0930. Please be patient as everyone will try and phone at the same time. All bookings must be by telephone on 0114-2550836. Do NOT phone Ian’s mobile as he is away on urgent family business and his mobile will be switched off.

04/04/18: Two More

Bongos For Sale

01/04/18: Dave Stanworth RIP

It is with much sadness that we announce the passing of Dave Stanworth, who was our Bongonaut of the Year for 2013. Despite having a double lung transplant himself Dave, a frequent visitor to our club meetings over the years,  raised considerable amounts for the Heart/Lung Transplant fund at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham. Our thoughts are with his family at this difficult time.

01/04/18: Increase

Please note that from today we have had to increase membership and renewal fees by £1 per year.

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