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If your Bongo is feeling a bit under the weather, then the duty nurse at the Bongo Clinic may be able to find a remedy.As you can well imagine, nurse is incredibly busy, so before asking for a diagnosis there are a few things you can do yourself. We strongly advise that you:a) browse through the questions in the archive to see if your query has arisen before

b) try asking other Bongo owners via the Forum.

If none of that works, then send an email with your problem, and we will get back to you as soon as we can, although note that we do not have a technical department as such.

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Q: Can you clarify the emissions criteria for petrol Bongos when undertaking an MOT test? There seem to be conflicting views on this (Clive from Buxton)

A: If a vehicle was originally built with 6 more seats (as all Bongos were) then it should NOT be classified as a passenger car and different emissions standards apply. For vehicles “first used” up to 1 September 2002 a non-cat test should be given where CO emissions should be less than 3.5% and the HC limit is 1200 ppm. For later Bongos a full cat test should be given.