17/05/24 JAL

17/05/24: From micro eco Campers to larger HI-ace vans we have the largest stock of physical high grade and provenance imports in the UK. Over 150-200 here now on 3 sites. Largest HEADROOM roofs and the widest 48 inch beds to fit Alphard, Elgrand, Hi ace, and 47 inches wide in the mighty Bongo. Coupled with our NEW production facility we can now offer the fastest times ever from order to road. Twin factories now open , even into night shifts!

SMART intelligent charge systems, SOLAR panels, ECO power hubs, all now available for that TRUE OFF GRID EXPERIENCE.

Off grid LPG filling tanks have now made LPG even cheaper, way cheaper than forecourts, many CAMPSITES now have metered tanks. We offer the very best LPG systems with special own mapping for the imports we provide. DUAL FUEL petrol and LPG tanks are a formidable combination and can help greatly in many Clean Air Zones.

Please call 01386 792946 or 07729386968 , or visit www.jalimports.co.uk and ask for latest stock list under contact email.

17/05/24 JAL Swivel Seats


17/05/24: With swivel seats the Bongo now enters a different league, Passenger and drivers available and we can fit into any Bongo. We supply 8 seats or full campers.

Swivel seats, HUGE airspace MUSHROOM roof and a SUPERWIDE 47 inch camper bed , this package now even makes the mighty Elgrand and Alphard start to fade.

We have the largest stocks of Bongos in the UK at high level, every day between 90-180 on 2 sites

Tel 01386 792946 or 07729 386968 or see MOTORHOMES www.jalimports.co.uk

10/05/24 JAL Alphard


10/05/24: The FUTURE is being built and here now. Meet the MUSHROOM super headroom Toyota Alphard-

The Bongo still rules in our view and will do for some time, but the Nissan Elgrand and Toyota Alphard are making inroads.

Please call us or email and will send you the largest UK stock of high level Mazda Bongo, Toyota Alphards, Nissan Elgrands, and the real low down on each; we have enormous stocks of all, so no bias.

In a nut shell the Bongo with a larger roof , still dominates the 12-15k market, after 15k the Nissan and Toyota fight it out.

Tel 01386 792946 or 07729 386968 or see www.jalimports.co.uk

28/04/24 JAL

jal336 jal337

28/04/24: THE FUTURE IS HERE! Why buy an aftermarket roof that is small and narrow when “sky-lift” is here now, LARGER THAN A FACTORY TOP AFT? Choice of 7 roofs including the MUSHROOM built at www.jalimports.co.uk. Sky-Lift is larger than the aft, lighter, colour coded, has HUGE internal walkway front seats to tailgate, ideal for campers. Better mpg, and can SLEEP 2 WITH EASE upstairs and still fit in the garage.

Tel 01386 792946 or 07729 386968 and see the range of ELEVATORS and the latest HARDTOPS with beds and storage.

Also the largest range of “CERTIFIED MILES” Bongos in Europe, we nearly always have 60-90 , 7 days a week.

28/04/24 JAL


28/04/24: MUSHROOM ROOF, can be fitted to any tin tops we supply. HUGE WALKWAY INSIDE, ideal for CAMPERS, especially MID CONVERTS, Lighter so better on fuel, more walkway, more head room, more “space feel” above your head, this roof now makes the Bongo an even more avid contender against the VW.

Tel 01386 792946 or 07729 386968 or see MOTORHOMES www.jalimports.co.uk

Select a tintop and have the market leading roof, installed, with HUNDREDS actively in use. JAL supporting the BONGO

28/04/24: JAL


28/04/24: Largest stock of “CERTIFIED MILEAGE” Bongos in Europe. Every engine, 2.5td, V6, super eco 2.0l, and V6 on the latest multipoint LPG system. Choice of 6 roofs including MUSHROOM, MOON-STAR, SUPER SLIMLINE. Choice of 8 Camper conversions including FULL WIDTH ROCK AND ROLL BED, also other top names at discount.

Tel 01386 792946 or 07729 386968 or see MOTORHOMES www.jalimports.co.uk

27/04/24 Bongo Barn

27/04/24 Bongo Barn: Not only do we sell Bongos we also find them in Japan (including the latest models!), we import them, we convert them, underseal them, maintain them, service them and repair them including full engine rebuilds. In fact we provide THE FULL WORKS.

Based in the Northumberland countryside we are dedicated Bongo addicts renowned for our reliability and professionalism.

Full details on our website at www.bongobarn.com or ring us to discuss your exact requirements on 07989-709942.

Bongo Fury

Bongo Fury