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News Archive

Hello! I’m Adrian John, and although you probably wouldn’t believe it for a moment, I actually own a Bongo! Yes, it’s true! (Ask Ian!)

Just because you haven’t heard from me since 1988 doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy! Oh no. For a start I have to keep the Bongo archives in order. And also, I have to present my regular show on Saga Radio!

Parp! Parp!

28/01/20: The Looming Presence of Sizewell B

Another venue for National Bongo Day

27/01/20: Death of a Lady

With sadness we announce the passing of long term member Florence Godolphin of Fowey, Cornwall. She was a regular over the last 13 years at our South West meetings and will be missed by all who knew her. Our thoughts are with her family.

27/01/20: Bodmin

One more venue for National Bongo Day

24/01/20: Amendments

We have issued revised editions of the LEZ and Glowplug factsheets.

23/01/20: Burton on Trent, Southampton

Two more venues for National Bongo Day

19/01/20: Chester

A third venue for National Bongo Day

17/01/20: Hope

We have received a further allocation for The Tough Northerners meeting in March so everyone on the waiting list has been contacted and there is 1 place left. See here for details of all of our meetings.

16/01/20: We Are Back

Apologies, but due to technical problems the website was down from 6 pm last night until 2.30 pm today. All sorted now though!

15/01/20: Coming Soon!

Sunday 10th May is National Bongo Day and the first two events have been listed, one in Sheffield and one in Irvine, Ayrshire.

06/01/20: Two More Tips

Members have chipped in with tips about the leisure battery and condensation. We’ve posted them in the members area.

05/01/20: Meetings Update

This year’s Tough Northerners meeting will be held in the Hope Valley, Derbyshire, over the weekend of 27th March (2 nights). Tickets go on sale by telephone only from 0930 this Thursday. See the members area for more information. You should also note that May’s Welsh Bash is now sold out and a waiting list is in operation.

22/12/19: Garages

The list of Bongo friendly garages has been amended to reflect some recent additions, deletions and amendments.

19/12/19: Ian Taylor

Ian Taylor UK of Stoke have moved premises. Their showroom/workshop is now at Adderley Green Garage, 345 Anchor Rd, Stoke on Trent ST3 5BL. Here’s their website.

16/12/19: Warning!

Watch out if you live in the Edinburgh area. Four Bongos have been stolen in recent days in both the north and south of the city. 2 other thefts were prevented by immobilisers and steering locks. But do not approach the thieves as 1 Bongo owner was threatened with a screwdriver. Be careful out there!

15/12/19: Batteries

There’s an electrical issue over in the Bongo Clinic.

10/12/19: Graphics

Gill has tracked down a firm that does reproduction Bongo decals and has shared the info via our Top Tips section.

03/12/19: Roof Problems

Some additional trouble shooting tips have been added to the AFT factsheet.

28/11/19: Newsletter

Edition 65 of the quarterly magazine is now available for download from the members area. If you are a Postal or Webplus member you will receive a copy in the post shortly.

28/11/19: Perth

Next years Scottish Bash has now been confirmed and will run from 4th to 7th June. See the members area for more information.

26/11/19: More Places at Welsh Bash

We have been allocated some extra pitches for next May. See the members area for more information.

21/11/19: Trader News (1)

Worcestershire based JAL have been in touch to tell us that they are opening a “high end technical paint facility” and will now undertake complete resprays for Bongos and other vehicles.

21/11/19: Trader News (2)

Cornwall based Pitstop have been in touch to say they have loads of second hand Bongo bits at knock-down prices as they are breaking quite a few. Plus they have managed to track down some good quality late edition Bongos from Japan.

07/11/19: Sold Out

Next May’s Welsh Bongo Bash is now SOLD OUT and a waiting list is in operation.

06/11/19: Emissions Update

Bristol has become the first UK city to announce a ban on diesel vehicles entering the city centre. The scheme, due to be launched in 2021, will use a number plate recognition system and will apply to daylight hours. More details on the Bristol Post website.

06/11/19: Elephant (non) News

Our adopted elephant, Bongo, has not been seen since May when he failed to return to the stockade. The keepers assume he has returned to the wild. Certainly no reports have come in of single-tusked young elephants being in any distress. We trust you are well, Bongo. Read his full story here.

05/11/19: Fforest Fields

There are just 7 places left at next May’s Welsh Bash and the minibus to the Showground has now sold out. See the members area for more information.

05/11/19: Alan’s Bongo

There’s a lowtop Bongo with low mileage on the For Sale page.

31/10/19: Minibus

If you phoning up to make a booking for the Welsh Bongo Bash (next May) then please let us know if you want a place on the mini bus. We are restricted to 24 places.  Details in the members area

28/10/19: One For The Petrol Heads

Gerry Orchard: what a star! He’s the major contributor to our new “Idling Problems” factsheet.

21/10/19: News From China

I’ve got a mate who lives in Wuhan, China, and he tells me that there is a giant pandemic on its way that will sweep around the world. I told him he must be batty.

21/10/19: New Garage

There’s a Bongo friendly garage in Norwich and we’ve added it to the database in the members area.

21/10/19: Scottish Borders

There’s a nice black tin-top on the For Sale page.

17/10/19: Summer Camp 2020

This has now been confirmed. It will be held in Middleton in Teesdale, Co Durham, from 16th to 20th July 2020. Details in the members area

08/10/19: Welsh Bongo Bash 2020

This has been confirmed as Thursday 14th to Monday 18th May at Fforest Fields near Builth. We have limited places available and will be taking bookings by telephone only on Thursday 31st October. See the members area for more information including the trip to the Spring Fair at the Showground.

07/10/19: There Are 153 Variations

All types of Bongos and Fredas are listed in our revised “Models” factsheet.

07/10/19: Coolant Alarms

Please note that you can no longer contact Jo at by landline. Instead telephone contact should be by mobile 07813025365.

30/09/19: Van With Side Windows

We have amended the Motorhome fact sheet factsheet. DVLA have introduced a new “Body Type” category on the log book called “Van With Side Windows” If you attempt to re-register your van as a Motorhome this is how they will define it.

30/09/19: Hi-Top Panorama

Doug and Rosie’s Bongo has been added to the Gallery.

26/09/19: Watch Out!

We have had a couple of reports of catalytic converters being stripped from Bongos while parked on people’s drives. It happens overnight. In both cases it was in the Southampton area and were on 2 litre Bongos.


24/09/19: New Factsheet

If you have ever suffered from a Juddering Bongo and want to know how to fix it then see our new Juddering factsheet.

22/09/19: Misprint

If you are a postal member you will shortly receive the quarterly newsletter on your doormat. However, these have been misprinted and another copy is on its way. This does not affect webplus members.

17/09/19: Farewell to Alan

It is with sadness that we announce the passing of long serving member Alan Tunnicliffe (AlanT54 on the Forum) after a long illness. Or thoughts are with his wife Dee at this difficult time. Details of the service, cremation and celebration can be found over on the Bongo Fury Forum. See you there, Alan!

09/09/19: Compatible Bulb

We’ve found an Osram headlamp bulb that will fit new shape Bongo. See the Bulbs factsheet.

06/09/19: Hot Off The Press!

The latest quarterly edition of the club newsletter is now available for download from the members area.

05/09/19: Charity Auction

Fancy some very rare chrome mirror covers? Then why not take part in our charity auction? See the Forum for more details.

02/09/19: Meetings

Horam Manor has now sold out and there are just two pitches left at Looe. Full details in the members area.

20/08/19: Starter Motor For Petrol Bongos

These are now in stock in our Bongoland Shop.

19/08/19: Gearbox Problems

An external resource has been added to the Transmission Codes factsheet.

19/08/19: Top Tip

Roy has a suggestion to cure condensation problems in the AFT. We’ve posted it in the members area.

15/08/19: October Meeting In Sussex

We start taking bookings for the meeting at Horam Manor on Thursday 22nd August. Full details in the members area. Also, please note that we will be handing back any unsold places for the Looe meeting next week.

11/08/19: Alacrity 

There’s a new entry on the Gearbox factsheet