Bongo Dealers

Bongo Dealers (Updated 15/12/20)

Gone are the days when we listed 30 or 40 dealerships around the UK. As Bongos are now rarely available at auction in Japan (last one was made in 2005) there are very few dealers who specialise in Bongos. But there are a few, usually supplying other Japanese imports as well. Some dealers buy used UK Bongos and convert them in to campervans, always check before travelling. So try these:


Bongo Barn (Northumberland)

Bongo Campervan Sales (Gwent)

Budget Bongos (Southampton)

Calder Campers (West Lothian)

Free Spirit Autos (West Sussex)

Hamblyn Cars (Great Yarmouth)

Ian Taylor UK (Stoke)

Jap Autos (Southampton)

Japanese Auto Locators (Worcester)

Mazda Bongo Campervans (York)

Mazda Bongo Company (Cornwall)

New Dawn Conversions (West Mids)

Pitstop (Cornwall)

Southern Bongos (Southampton)

Topsham Car Sales (Exeter)