The John Bullas Files

Dr John C Bullas BSc MSc PhD MCIHT MIAT (or Doctor B as we prefer to call him) is a “tarmac doctor” and when he is not working on expert witness cases concerning road surface characteristics he is working for the 111 service in Hampshire.

Having spent the last thirty years tinkering with Minis he moved on to Bongos five years ago when Mrs B bought “Purple Pixie” the Ford Freda.

He has documented his mechanical Bongo adventures on his YouTube channel and in his Flickr albums and has made these available as a resource for other Bongo owners. Here are a few highlights (in no particular order). All links open in a new tab.

Rear Brake Pad Swap (video)

ATF Replacement (video)

Front Brake Pad Swap (video)

Rear Light Cluster Removal: New Shape (video)

Air Filter for 2 Litre Petrol (video)

Dipstick on the 2 Litre (photos) 

Fitting a Towbar (photos)

Split Charger (photos)

Wishbone Boot Replacement (photos)

Bongo Bash 2012






Bongo Fury

Bongo Fury