06/03/17 Latest News

Pictured: Bongo browsing the undergrowth.

We have received an update from Bongo’s dedicated keeper. In February a small party of ex-orphans returned to the stockade to see what was going on. In the afternoon, the Ex Orphans briefly joined the juniors and made away with Narok and Bongo off into the Park! The keepers realized later that the two had been snatched by the Ex Orphans and they tracked their footprints until dark but to no avail. Later when it was just after dark, Narok and Bongo returned back to the stockade after spending half the night out. Only time will tell if the experience they had was a nice one or if they decide they need more time to be with their human family! At some point Bongo will want to return to the wild, but it’s too early for that yet.