Dutch Oven

There’s a lot of ways to cook food in the great outdoors, but Phil Jones’ preferred method is the Dutch Oven. It’s a large cooking pot suspended over hot coals and is ideal for casseroles.

“Over 45 years ago my Romany Gypsy pal and I roamed not only the UK, but Canada as well, during the long Summer holidays.


Cooking on an open fire with cast iron kettle and pans using a heavy ‘kettle prop’, he knowing more than me, bemoaned the absence  of a Dutch oven, which to this day I don’t know if he ever had one.

Funny that because he hailed from Hartlebury and I bought my oven from Stourport just up the road.


Allcocks Outdoor Store has 2 sizes in stock 10″ 4.4 litres and 14″ 8.5 litres. Priced at £28.99 and £38.99 and tripods with chains. 10 York street,01299 822212″

Or available online from www.dutchovens.co.uk

Bongo Fury

Bongo Fury