This just in from Helen & Neil Millast:

As newbies to the Bongo fold, we have been looking forward to our first camping trip since we got the beloved Bongo last month. We decided to test it out at the Dyfi Enduro event in Wales, where there is free camping available for those with tents and campervans. Neil was entered to ride the enduro (this is a yearly mountain bike event, consisting of a massive loop of a trail, with lots of lovely steep climps and muddy descents) but I wasn’t, and instead planned to spend Sunday chilling out in the Bongo with a book, biscuits and lots of nice tea.

Upon arrival on Saturday evening we located our friends (tent campers) and then had a lovely time erecting our awning. We then sat back in our camping chairs to admire our efforts with a beer. Scanning round the campside we expected to spot a Bongo or two, and in fact had been practicing our special greeting in readiness. However, to our dismay all the other campervans seemed to be VDubs or home converted transits. We were lone Bongonauts!

Our first night in the Bongo proved to be a success – not too cold, the thermal front cab blinds seemed to work well, and the inflatable mattress was passable (well, for me anyway. Poor Neil was on the lower side of the slope and fared a little less comfortably!) Points for future trips: Buy a better air compressor. Inflate the mattress a bit more. Buy levelling chocks. Figure out how to make the fridge work as a fridge rather than a freezer to avoid solid milk. Other than these small points we were very impressed with the Bongo as a camper, and found it surprisingly roomy even with the roof down.

Neil was sufficiently rested to make a cheery start for the enduro, and I managed to get some nice pics of the boys heading out. They left at 11am and were back around 5pm, covered in mud, looking tired but pleased with themselves. Along the route there were aparrently many entertaining spectacles this year including a harpist and Darth Maul fighting Princess Leia. Either that or the free drinks were spiked with something very odd.

Bongo Fury

Bongo Fury