Another year goes by

Another year goes by and Bongo is still being a bit naughty. Recently he acquired a new (younger) friend.

Rearing the orphaned elephants is an emotional rollercoaster involving a great deal of heartbreak and sadness but also the reward of amazing successes. On the 13th of October, arguably one of the greatest of them all was when Wendi, orphaned in 2002 as a new-born herself, returned to the Ithumba midday mud bath with her very own minute wild born baby at her heels and a touching desire to share the joy of her baby with her erstwhile human family of Keepers. This joy was shared by all the ex-orphans, including Bongo, along with over twenty five wild elephant friends who have been her constant escort since the birth of little Wiva. More details about Wendi’s wild born baby can be viewed here. We have also had reports that Bongo still goes missing from time to time. This is from the October Keeper’s Report:

The month began with truants Bongo and Kanjoro missing from the dependent group when it was time to return home for the evening. Following a long search, the Keepers decided to return to the stockades without them due to the late hour. In the middle of the night both returned escorted back by ex-orphan, big boy Rapsu. At day break there they were, patiently waiting for their morning milk feed.