News Archive

News Archive

Hello! I’m Adrian John, and although you probably wouldn’t believe it for a moment, I actually own a Bongo! Yes, it’s true! (Ask Ian!)

Just because you haven’t heard from me since 1988 doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy! Oh no. For a start I have to keep the Bongo archives in order. And also, I have to present my regular show on Saga Radio!

Parp! Parp!

01/03/17: Newsletter

The latest edition of the quarterly club newsletter is now available for download from the member’s area. If you are a “Webplus” or “Postal” member you will receive a copy in the post shortly.

21/02/17: New T-Charge for Central London

From 1 October any Bongo (diesel or petrol) entering Central London, within the congestion charge zone, will have to pay a £10 toxicity surcharge. Full details can be found in the LEZ fact sheet which has been amended.

16/02/17: Welsh Bongo Bash

A reminder that the remaining places for the St Davids meeting in May are now on sale. We have 5 non-electric slots available for Friday and Saturday only. Full details in the members area.

13/02/17: Stourport

Prices and booking arrangements have been announced for this year’s Bongo Bash.

08/02/17: New Drive-Away Awnings for 2017

Today we have taken delivery of Outwell Darlington Air and Outwell Daytona awnings. See the Bongoland shop for details.

02/02/17: St Davids

We have managed to secure some more pitches for the Welsh Bongo Bash in May and the waiting list has been cleared. We now have 6 non-electric slots available. Full details in the members area.

30/01/17: Suspension

There is a new fact sheet which shows you how to identify the component parts of the suspension system. See the fact sheets section in the members area.

24/01/17: Worthing

“Bongomad” has been added to the list of Bongo friendly garages in the “Downloads” section of the members area.


23/01/17: Peterborough

Another garage has been added to the Rust Directory fact sheet in the members area.

20/01/17: Tough Northerners

There has been a change to the start date on this event. It now starts on Thursday 20th April. It will be held at Cayton Bay near Scarborough and booking commences on Thursday 26th January. Full details in the members area.

19/01/17: Down

This website may not be available this afternoon between 3pm and 5pm due to a software upgrade.

17/01/17: Rust Belts

Two more firms have been added to the Rust Directory fact sheet in the members area. There’s also been a minor amendment to the Alternator Belts factsheet.


10/01/17: Kenya

We have decided to foster Bongo the Elephant for a further 2 years. You can read his full story here or make a donation via our dedicated “Just Giving” page.


09/01/17: Engine Temperature

Leon has been to the Bongo Clinic.

09/01/17: ABS

It’s possible to check whether the ABS sensors are working correctly without using the diagnostic box. The ABS fact sheet has been amended accordingly in the members area.

09/01/17: Moray

Kinloss Garage has been added to the list of Bongo friendly garages in the “Downloads” section of the members area.


04/01/17: Southern Softies

A reminder that we start taking bookings tomorrow (Thursday) for this meeting which will be held in the Thames Valley starting Thursday 30th March. Full details in the members area.

02/01/17: Old Freda

New member Tommy Ball has claimed that he has the oldest Ford Freda still on the road which was manufactured on 9th June 1995. We agree, and have added it to the “History” factsheet in the member’s area.

24/12/16: Recalls

James Wood has come up with some interesting information regarding window switches and this has been added to the “Recall” factsheet in the member’s area.

16/12/16: Sold Out!

All 30 available pitches for the Welsh Bongo Bash in May have now been sold and a waiting list is now in operation. See the members area for details.

14/12/16: Brake Discs

Henry can’t get the beggars off! But the answer is in the Bongo Clinic.

11/12/16: Big Bash

The live entertainment for next year’s Bongo Bash has been announced. Details can be found in this Forum discussion.

11/12/16: Welsh Bash

A reminder that tickets for this event go on sale this Thursday 15th at 0930. Details in the “Rallies & Meetings” section in the members area.

05/12/16: Quarterly Newsletter

The latest edition of the club newsletter is now available in the member’s area.

01/12/16: Southern Softies

The date, venue and prices have been confirmed for this meeting which will be start on Thursday 30th March. We will be staying in the Thames Valley. See member’s area for more details including booking arrangements.

30/11/16: Reduction!

Due to our superior negotiating skills there has been a significant price drop on filters for petrol Bongos. See the Bongoland shop for details.

24/11/16: Alternator Belts & Starter Motor & ABS

There have been minor amendments to these factsheets in the member’s area.

21/11/16: Quality New Audio Stalk Factsheet

There is a new factsheet about installing an “Audio Stalk”. This means you need never reach over to change your CD or radio settings ever again! See the fact sheet section in the member’s area.

18/11/16: Firm Ride

The Spring Assisters factsheet has been updated. See here.

16/11/16: Rust

What’s the best product to use on my rear arches? Find out in the Bongo Clinic.

05/11/16: Factsheets

Some of the fact sheets were not available so we have had a look at all of them and you should be able to download them again from the members area.