The Bongo Clinic


If your Bongo is feeling a bit under the weather, then the duty nurse at the Bongo Clinic may be able to find a remedy.

As you can well imagine, nurse is incredibly busy, so before asking for a diagnosis there are a few things you can do yourself. We strongly advise that you:

a) browse through the questions in the archive to see if your query has arisen before

c) try asking other Bongo owners via the Forum.

If none of that works, then send an email with your problem, and we will get back to you as soon as we can, although note that we do not have a technical department as such.

NOTE: Due to the number of queries we receive we can now only accept queries from paid-up club members. So please quote your membership number (which you will find on your card). No membership number = no response!

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New Queries:

Hose Clips

Q: If I want to change all of the coolant and heater hoses on my Bongo, which ones do I need? (Brian from Co. Clare)

A: For the front coolant system you need

2 x Clips 99283-2500P
3 x Clips 99286-1400P
8 x Large Clips 9WNCB-3700B
2 x Small Clips 99286-2200P

For the rear heater hoses, you need the following

5 x Small Clips 99283-2200P
9 x Small Clips 99286-2200P

99283-2200P is no longer available, but 99286-2200P will fit just as well, so you need 14 x Small Clips 99286-2200P.

Hot Engine Restart

Q: If I have been driving for an hour, stop, and then try restarting the engine, nothing happens at all, just a click. If I leave it a further 10 minutes it starts fine. I have a 1996 diesel. (Mike from Inverurie)

A: Difficult one this. It’s unlikely to be a fuel issue (although possible) so the first place I would check is the starter motor solenoids. If they are old they may become faulty if the contacts have heated up. Or it could be a bad cell on the starter battery.

V6 Cutting Out

Q: My 2002 V6 Bongo died on me the other day whilst climbing a hill on the A38. All power disappeared with the application of more throttle producing nothing more than an increase in induction roar. On pulling off the road the tick-over was very lumpy and it stalled repeatedly. What do you reckon? (Tony from Somerset)

A: I’d suspect that it is a problem with the Lambda sensor. This controls the oxygen flow, and if the ECU detects something is wrong, it will cut off the engine.