Warning: Cloned Number Plates

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Warning: Cloned Number Plates

Post by Ian » Sun Jan 16, 2022 10:59 am

Gerry from Discount Trucks has been in touch. He has received 3 penalty notices from TfL for ULEZ infringements even though his Bongo has been sitting on his lot near Newbury. It's never been in London.

The clone and the original vehicle are both new shape white Bongos W548 UTF. The clone has a bike rack and a Montague sticker on the rear o/s wing and has been spotted in SE London.

If you spot it get in contact with Bongo Fury or post on here. If it is offered for sale check the chassis number and then inform the police. The chassis number of the original is SGL5-400230.

There are reports of 2 similar instances in Bristol for Clean Air Zone infringements but I don't have details of these yet.
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