Fans & Heaters, Aircon, Climate Control.

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Fans & Heaters, Aircon, Climate Control.

Post by missfixit70 » Thu Dec 22, 2011 12:56 am

The Bongo is fitted with air conditioning as standard, most have a separate fan, controls & heating/cooling matrix fitted front & rear, a few never had it fitted in the rear, some have had it taken out during conversion and some have been by-passed due to leaks.
Some are fitted with manual type controls, while the rest are fitted with digital climate controls. For both, the rear system needs to be switched on from the front, for the slider type controls the rear heater system has an on/off master switch, situated to the right of the drivers steeing wheel on the main dashboard switch panel. For the Digital climate control, there is a switch on the control panel labelled "Rear" this can be used to control the fan speed & mode in the rear (but not the temperature bizarrely) by holding down the rear button for a few seconds.
The front fan is prone to water ingress, which gets into the motor bearing, either siezing it up completely or causing sufficient friction to increase the current drawn, thus causing damage to the fan resistor packs. It's worth trying to repair these before resorting to the cost of replacing them, many have done so succesfully with the help of the factsheets & forum.
There is a drainage hole in the bottom of the fan casing that can get blocked. This hole is larger on the new replacement part, so it's worth enlarging the hole if you're stripping it down.
If the front fan is blowing ok, but the flaps don't seem to be directing the air to the desired outlets, check the linkages on the inboard side of the drivers footwell, these are prone to breaking or coming adrift.

All this & more is detailed in the links below.

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