Seats: Removing and reversing the centre seats

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Seats: Removing and reversing the centre seats

Post by Ian » Thu Dec 22, 2011 12:56 am

Some people like to change their middle seat around to get that "living room" look in the back of their Bongo. If you just have the short rails, this creates a few problems if you want to use the seats to make a bed, you end up with a gap between middle & rear seats & it means you can't make up a bed with the front & middle seats unless you move the rails as in this thread or fit full length or modified rails (cut down full length rails a few crucial inches longer than the short rails).
There are several different ways of modifying the seats, rails & runners to give you the desired effect. Madmile has kindly put together a guide HERE to modifying the runners so that the seats can be fitted either way on them & still slide & lock both ways.
This is how Colin Lambert had his arranged.


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More information and photos of how it's done, from dvisor, ON THIS LINK
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