Getting All The ATF Fluid Out

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Getting All The ATF Fluid Out

Post by thomp1983 » Wed Mar 22, 2023 9:25 pm

Hi all,

My 2.5 v6 petrol has leaking transmission cooler pipes, I'm happy enough to replace them and given the old girl has done 160k I'm going to change the gearbox fluid whilst I'm at it, I've a pela pump which will allow me to get enough fluid out the Dipstick tube to allow what should be a cleanish removal of the sump which will in turn allow me to get at the filter.

I'm aware with the sump off there will still be a reasonable amount of fluid left in the torque converter, is there a reasonably simple way of getting this fluid out the torque converter, I could remove the gearbox and then in turn the tc which would guarantee getting it all out but thought I'd check if there was another way?

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