How To Organize An Event

A series of day meetings on Sunday 10th May to celebrate 25 years of the Mazda Bongo

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How To Organize An Event

Post by Ian » Sun Jan 12, 2020 12:44 pm

Identify a Venue

A good location for an event like this is a large public open space with vehicular access. A promenade by a beach is good. Or perhaps a country park or local recreation ground. Even a shopping centre. Pub car parks are a good idea too. Some events were also held on private land. It’s difficult to know in advance how many people will attend but assume between 10 and 30 Bongos.

Activities & Refreshments

Although it’s not essential, your venue should be child and dog friendly. Is there somewhere nearby to get a cup of tea, a sandwich or a Sunday lunch? Is there something for the kids to do while the adults talk about Bongos? What happens if it rains? And, importantly, is there disabled access?

Geographical Spread

Once you have chosen a potential venue take a few moments to double check that someone hasn’t already organized a meeting nearby. The full list can be found at

Getting Permission

If you are holding a meeting on a public space it is not always necessary to obtain permission. But you should ensure that no obstructions are caused to public rights of way. If you intend holding a meeting in a pub car park or country park or on private land you need to obtain permission from the landowner or manager.

Keeping a Master List

Once you have arranged your meeting you should send the following information to Bongo Fury by email ([email protected]). We will then post this on the National Bongo Day page on the Bongo Fury website and add it to the forthcoming events on the relevant Facebook group pages. You should send the following information:

• Organisers Name & Postal Address
• Email Address
• Mobile Number
• Event Location (full address and postcode)
• Start & Finish Times
• Brief Description of Event (including any parking/entrance fees & facilties)

Organiser’s Pack

We will then send you further information 2 weeks before the event

Any Questions?

Either email us at [email protected], send a text or Whatsapp to 07932-844321, PM Ian Maynard via Facebook, or phone the office on 0114-2550836.
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