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Broken Links on Forum Images

Post by Ian » Mon Sep 25, 2017 9:58 am

For many years this Forum, along with thousands of others, have encouraged people wishing to embed images in their discussions to use a free hosting service such as Photobucket. However Photobucket have changed their business model and now charge a fortune to host photos. The knock on effect of this is that archived photos are no longer visible. Instead you see this instead:


This is an irritant if trying to view a photo of someones cushion covers but can be of major importance if trying to undertake major surgery on your Bongo.

But all is not lost. It is possible to retrieve the photos, and this brief guidance will explain how. I will assume you are using Google Chrome on a PC or laptop but the guidance is similar for other browsers and devices. It's all about finding the file name of the original photo.

1) Have a look at this old thread at how to change the exhaust manifold gasket stud: ... =3&t=41210.
2) Scroll down to the second entry, Manifold Ports 1&2 and then RIGHT CLICK on the broken photo.
3) From the list you can "save image as....." to your PC, or you can "copy image address" or you can "inspect". It doesn't matter which one you use; the object of the exercise is to find the original file name.
4) You don't need the full file name, just the bit before the .jpg at the end. So in this instance the file name is 42df7fd1.jpg.
5) Using Google Images, you can now search for this file name. If nothing shows, try putting the subject matter in the search box as well. In this case go to Google Images and search for "Bongo Exhaust stud 42df7fd1.jpg"
6) Not only will it come up with the photo required, but all related photos. You can then save these to your hard drive or view in conjunction with the discussion.
7) If you are feeling particularly heroic, you could even save the photos to a hosting service (not Photobucket obvoiusly) and add them to the tail end of the original discussion, see ... 20#p695720

Finally, if you spot missing photos that you think are important, but can't figure out how to repair it yourself, ask one of the moderators and we will try and do it (time permitting!)
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