New guy looking for advice and opinions

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New guy looking for advice and opinions

Post by Aaron » Mon Feb 13, 2017 1:42 am

Hello everyone.... So I just randomly purchased a ford Freda... 1996 with 170k miles... Home made conversion job... Nothing fancy, empty cupboards and a wee sink that doesn't work...

4wd 2.5 diesel auto... Head gasket done last year... Tidy but showing age with rusty arches ... Has leisure battery, and mains hook up...

First of all, was I robbed, or have I paid a fair price at £2600? I'm a car salesman 15 years, but can't value this... None to compare with in Ireland really (rare)

owner produced receipts to show head was done... But themostat was never put back... Is that a problem? He said it's better without it?
Started but needed revved, a little jumpy, some smoke, but then runs smooth. That normal?

Roof not opening, but can hear motor and beeping... I had read up about putting in park and leave running etc...
Any ideas?

Has side sun blind, should I look about buying sides to make into an awning, or too much space taken up by this?

Did I read something about the side door being electric.. The sliding door?

Should I be getting getting timing belt done?

I bought just for fun with my 4 year old son... Hoping to make some memories... I do have a wife and a 6 month old, but I am worried about taking them anywhere as the seats are turned around so not near the seat belts.... I just don't have a clue really... Any advice very welcome.

Regardless, I'm looking forward to having some fun and joining when looks like a really friendly gang!!
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Re: New guy looking for advice and opinions

Post by helen&tony » Mon Feb 13, 2017 6:15 am

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