Forum Rules (amended 26/02/2011)

All users should ensure they have read these terms and conditions.
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Forum Rules (amended 26/02/2011)

Post by Ian » Wed Oct 22, 2008 7:02 pm

By entering the Bongo Fury discussion boards you agree to post messages in accordance with the following rules:

1. No swearing or abusive language to be contained in the subject or body of any posting or Private Message (PM).
2. No threatening behaviour to be contained in the subject or body of any posting or PM. And no "baiting" of other users or deliberately trying to start arguments! If you do have a negative comment to make, keep it friendly and truthful.
3. In order to keep this forum a friendly place, we do not want to see arguments develop, especially between individual users. This also includes situations where people have consumer related issues to resolve. Therefore we request that any conversations of this nature take place via the PM system (but pay heed to rule 2!)
4. No "spam" or repetitive postings and no "promotional" postings for external commercial websites allowed. No selling of services/products to members in postings. If you want to promote your own business, you can do this on the main website. IF IN ANY DOUBT, contact an administrator.
5. If you have a consumer related issue with a company that sells Bongos or Bongo related products, regardless of whether they advertise on the Bongo Fury website or not, in the first instance take it up with the company concerned. For more details see here: ... =4&t=47173
6. No misuse of the Private Message system, and no reproducing of Private Messages in open forum.
7. Always treat others in the same way as you would like to be treated. Remember that sarcasm and wit does not always come across in the same way when written down! And please remember, although you might find something funny, some people might find it is in bad taste.
8. There is generally no prohibition whatsoever on mentioning other websites, quoting from other websites, or even recommending other websites. But please note that we don't allow commercial posts at all.
9. All messages posted are the responsibility of the author and not this website.
10. Finally, don't drink and surf! Many a posting has been made that is regretted the next morning! Remember, you can only edit your posts for 60 minutes.

Any user who breaks the above rules will be contacted by a moderator. Moderators reserve the right to edit or delete posts accordingly.
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