Size Restrictions on Avatars, Signatures & Photos

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Size Restrictions on Avatars, Signatures & Photos

Post by Ian » Sun Jul 01, 2007 9:51 am

Following a consultation with Forum users in June 2007, the following guidelines have been introduced from 1 July 2007.

Avatars (the little picture to the left of your contribution)

1) You are welcome to use avatars, but they must not exceed dimensions of 160(w) x 120(h) pixels, or 20 kb in size.
2) Avatars must be "child friendly". In other words, do not use an avatar that someone else may find distasteful.

Signatures (the information that appears below your contribution)
1) You can use a combination of text AND graphics.
2) If you use a graphic, it must not exceed dimensions of 300(w) x 125(h) pixels.
3) If using a graphic in your signature, your COMBINED allowance for your avatar and your signature must not exceed 20kb.
4) Text based signatures must be kept to "Normal" font size and must not exceed 100 characters including spaces. If a website address is used as part of a signature, this is part of your 100 character allowance.


1) You are quite welcome to post photos on the forum, but these must must not exceed dimensions of 800(w) x 600(h) pixels, or 100 kb in size.
2) Photos must be appropriate to the subject being discussed.

Role of Moderators/Administrators

1) If Mods or Admin receive a complaint about content or size, in the first instance they will send a PM to the person concerned asking them to change the item.
2) If an avatar is not changed, then Mods/Admin may remove the item and replace it with this graphic:


3) If a signature is not changed, it will be removed from the individual's profile.
4) If a photo is deemed too large, it will be replaced by a link to the external site where the photo is hosted.

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