New member - advice on sellers in Gloucestershire?

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New member - advice on sellers in Gloucestershire?

Post by Cain » Sat Mar 11, 2023 10:03 pm

I’m seriously considering buying a Bongo camper for use my main vehicle and of course for holibobs. Sorry for using the word holibobs.

I’ve seen some likely candidates on Gumtree from a seller in Gloucestershire, pretty low mileage, look in decent nick, MOT data pretty good and are/will be undersealed.

However I’ve heard horror stories about other sellers, particularly some in Wales, so wondered if anyone knows the Gloucs sellers and can provide any reassurance or opinions before we make an appointment to visit from Devon? I can’t see a business name but I’m sure a quick gumtree search will show the place…

Any advice greatly appreciated!
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Re: New member - advice on sellers in Gloucestershire?

Post by Bob » Sat Mar 11, 2023 11:19 pm

Hi Cain, and welcome aboard.

It's worth spending some time looking at the 'Buying a Bongo' advice on here:

Is it a dealer you’re looking at? Possibly someone will know something about them if you can provide details.

Obviously with a private sale it’s impossible to comment.

Do ask anything you want and we’ll try and help. 8)
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