French Friends want a Bongo

For all owners and afficionados of Mazda Bongo Friendees and Ford Fredas based outside of UK or Ireland.

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Re: French Friends want a Bongo

Post by helen&tony » Sat Jun 28, 2014 12:55 pm

It always WAS possible to re-register in France...AND here, but re-registering in another country isn't easy like the UK, and generally people give up....You can get all manner of obstructive replies just to avoid a bit of paperwork...I've had that countless times over here, and, believe me, if someone tells me NO, I go out of my way to get a YES...just coz i'm bloody-minded when dealing with idiotic pen-pushers....There is a member on here who succeeded in registering a Bongo in France, but it's maybe a region which is more amenable to foreigners...If that's a case, then being able to quote that to other regional testers is the thing to check!
If, as Mikexgough says, that there's a mutual acceptance EU clause, then that'll make it easier still. A good lawyer versed in EU rulings is the way to go...
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