Some more - interactive pictures - for your delight

It's at Stourport on Severn 18 to 23 June. Arrange to meet up, ask questions, post photos.......

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Re: Some more - interactive pictures - for your delight

Post by thedogsbollox » Wed Aug 13, 2008 1:36 am

g8dhe wrote:As a follow up the Kite panorama has been accepted onto the World Wide Panorama event that took place over the Solstice weekend on the theme "Elevation".

So 'thedogsbollox' you now have a fully international audience for your kite flying ;-)
Thankyou for that sir, and i am still really impressed with that photo.
There was also someone else taking loads of shots of me flying my kite on that day, A young geezer with white hair i thinks(about 50) He said he would post them but i never saw them. If anyone knows who this is, i would like to see those as he was takin photies as i was damn near flying into his face.
Anybody know?

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