A few pics from Pete and Sue.

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Re: A few pics from Pete and Sue.

Post by J and J » Sat Jun 26, 2010 9:04 pm

Help!! really we don't understand this ''link'' can we call you to talk it thru? J and J
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Re: A few pics from Pete and Sue.

Post by dave_aber » Sat Jun 26, 2010 9:11 pm

You can use picasa. It's almost, but not quite, as simple as the other ones to link to from here.

Step 1 - Upload your pic to picasa (obviously!)

Step 2. Have your post on the forum open in one web browser window / tab, and open your pic in a seperate picasa window or tab.


Step 3. Click "link to this photo"

Step 4. On the "Embed Image" bit, select the image size. If you go larger then 'medium', bongo fury will reject it.

Step 5. Now click in the "embed image" box, which has the link in it - usually starts "<table Style ="

Step 6. With this highlighted, either press ctrl-C, or right click and select copy.

What you have copied is this :

<table style="width:auto;"><tr><td><a href="http://picasaweb.google.co.uk/lh/photo/ ... site"><img src="http://lh3.ggpht.com/_neoLpDtBijs/TCZb2 ... xample.JPG" /></a></td></tr><tr><td style="font-family:arial,sans-serif; font-size:11px; text-align:right">From <a href="http://picasaweb.google.co.uk/dave.aber ... site">Drop Box</a></td></tr></table>

which is too much for Bongo Fury, but does contain the info you need.

Step 7. Switch back to the Bongo Fury window/tab, and in the message, click the Img button. You will get 2 sets of square brackets, with "[ img ][ /img ]" (I've added spaces so you can see them). The cursor will be in the middle of these. Press Ctrl-V, or right click in the middle and chose paste. You will get this :


Step 8. Now, you have to delete the bits that we don't need. Find the bit that says 'img src='. Delete everything from after the first [ img ] up to and including the " after img src=. Now look along the image source, which will be something like "http://lh3.ggpht.com/_neoLpDtBijs/TCZb2 ... xample.JPG". Leave that, and delete everything from after the .jpg onwards, including the ", right up to the [ /img ] end marker. You should end up with just the img markers in square brackets either side of the red text above.

Sounds and looks a lot more complicated than it is. Once you think you have it right, click the preview button to see if you have indeed got it right.

Click on my image above to open it in picasa. That's another lesson....
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Re: A few pics from Pete and Sue.

Post by missfixit70 » Sat Jun 26, 2010 9:12 pm

You got a pm
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Re: A few pics from Pete and Sue.

Post by Kentish Paul » Thu Jul 01, 2010 8:17 am

Nice to see you both albeit briefly.

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