The Pirate Ship

It's at Stourport on Severn 18 to 23 June. Arrange to meet up, ask questions, post photos.......

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Re: The Pirate Ship

Post by roosteruk » Fri Jun 27, 2008 11:43 pm

In an Honest answer!
Mrs Rooster ( Caz ) reported that the trip was a little bit of a let down.
No singing and no telling of story's as promised. Some of the kids got bored and due to this started to climb on seats and mess about and were told on numerous occasions to calm down, maybe a story or sing-song would have kept thier minds busy.
No treasure hunt. Apparently it was cancelled due to the pub where it should have taken place, refused to let it happen unless food was purchased?
Trip did not last for the time paid for.
The call in at the funfair was a bit of a let down for some of the kids, they actually complained that the rides they were allowed on, were for younger children only and the bigger rides which were more suited, were out of bounds.
There was no drinks for the kids, Caz actually bought some for some of the children.
The ship could have been dressed up a little better.

The above remarks are not from Caz's mouth, they are what others were saying, but of course Caz was thinking the same.

One thing I noticed, was that the kids could hang over the side and dip thier hands in the water. I and a few other parents commented on how there should have been some kind of wire rope between the up-stands.

It is a real shame, as this trip was organised with very good intentions as a brilliant treat for the kids.
Well done Ian, it's a shame the firm let you down a bit!
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Re: The Pirate Ship

Post by idetika » Sat Jun 28, 2008 8:27 pm

Muzorewa wrote:Hello, it's Mrs Muz here. I don't have my own login as Muz won't let me! Apart from the fact that the ship came back 45mins earlier than advertised and there was no treasure hunt (which Muzette was most disgusted about - even though the funfair was substituted), most of the kids seemed to really enjoy themselves, possibly if the trip had been as long as advertised it wouldn't have been as enjoyable for some of the older ones. All I can say is, it was a pleasure to be out with so many well behaved kids.
I just want to echo how well behaved the children were (wouldn't expect anything less!). It's difficult trying to please everyone when the age range is so wide. It's a shame there was no treasure hunt and the trip wasn't as long as advertised but netherless i think most of them enjoyed it, I know mine did.
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Re: The Pirate Ship

Post by John the sparky » Sat Jun 28, 2008 9:58 pm

Ella said she enjoyed it, but preferred cadbury world..... so not sure if that is agood revue or not :?

my only complaint would be.... we saw Ella off, and went to AGM, with a view to leaving at 10 to, to collect Ella from the boat, but boat returned early, and luckily another parent walked with Ella back to our bongo (thanks Rick and Elliot)... only to find it packed up, awning gone etc, some he walked her down to the marquee and found us.....

I just felt bad that, had we known the cruise would finish at 12.15 (or whatever time it was) we would have ensured one of us made it to the jetty.... as with the tent all gone it was a bit of a shock for Ella :shock: makes you feel a bed parent :oops: :(

but that would be my only negative comment about the bash, and really wasn't anything to do with the bash organisation.... it was down to the boat people!