Pop top roof bed modification with gas struts

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Pop top roof bed modification with gas struts

Post by Whatwouldgordondo » Thu May 07, 2020 1:38 pm

Gordon the Bongo was originally imported from Japan as a “Tin Top” Mazda Bongo Friendee and we paid to have it fully converted inside into a campervan but we also had the “Tin Top” removed and a “Pop Top” roof made by drivelodge motorhomes fitted for an extra sleeping space of which the floor of the sleeping space which is also the ceiling in the van was made up of 4 individual removable boards, 2 short and 2 longer boards, these boards when not in use all stack on top of each other at the back end of the Bongo which to be honest was a pain and a better solution was needed.

This video shows how i fixed one of the small boards to the back of the van roof rail and then fixed the two longer boards together and hinged them off the smaller fixed board then attached 2 gas struts to make it automatically raise when pushed upwards.

YouTube link - https://youtu.be/NwGkWbHg8NU
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