Registering a Bongo in Italy (Sardinia)

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Registering a Bongo in Italy (Sardinia)

Post by Infinitebliss » Tue Apr 10, 2018 5:54 pm

Myself and my fiancee Vick have just purchased a house in Sardinia and after much thought and searching we have gone bongo mad and decided to buy a bongo and take it to sardinia and then after 6 months register it there once we get our residency all sorted.

I noticed on one other post that helen had some communication with the italian authorities and wondered if anyone knows anything else as any advice or help on what we need to do to make it legal would be super appreciated.

Loving the bongo fury forum vibe and members area, were still searching for our perfect bongo, Were wanting a v6 lpg with rear kitchen with the table at the back, if anyone has any leads feel free to suggest.

Much Peace,Love and Blessings

❤️️Much Peace, Love and Gratitude ☮🙏