Euro tunnel

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Euro tunnel

Post by fatcatlawyer » Wed Dec 04, 2019 5:55 pm

Hi. Just looked on the euro tunnel booking site (in readiness to book using my tesco vouchers.) They have changed it and for grey imports you are asked if it is a car or campervan . Well as my vehicle - Ford Freeda - is not the same as my previous bongo I felt some clarification was needed. As my vehicle is registered as a "car" I get the car price. Even though I told them that I had a solar panel on the roof and the roof was a rising one! I suppose it I had had the registered class changed then an increase cost would be charged. Just thought you ought to know if a trip through the Chunnel is planned.
I don't suppose it would save much but you could -for the duration of your trip change taxation class to the most less dear?
Yours ian G
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