Bongo Bash at Stourport Update

If you are going away somewhere and don't mind meeting up with other Bongo owners or if you've been somewhere & want to tell us about it & stick up your photos, put the details here.

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Bongo Bash at Stourport Update

Post by Ian » Fri Feb 26, 2021 3:11 pm

We have confirmed with Lickhill Manor that, unless something major happens, the Bongo Bash will go ahead but with restrictions in place. The Boris "roadmap" indicates that the earliest campsites can open without any restrictions is 21st June. This year's Bongo Bash starts on Wednesday 23rd June. But we don't want to arrange a full-on meeting with all the live music, coach trips etc if there is a delay in the date for change of restrictions, so we are putting the following in place.

1. There will be no live music this year, but we will still have a marquee as a social space (it's already paid for).
2. There will be no coach trip. And no catering facilities.
3. The Bongo Fury Shop will not be open (replaced by trestle table selling a few items of merchandise, owners manuals etc).
4. There will be restricted capacity of 64 electric hook ups (no split hook ups this year) and 75 non-electric pitches. But if things change by mid-May we will release more non-electric spaces.
5. Strict spacing requirements will apply. All Bongos must be facing the same way. No "back-to-back" encampments, parking in order of arrival. If you want to be next to a friend then please arrive together.
6. Bongonauts will be encouraged to bring their own toilet/washing facilities where possible to avoid pressure on Lickhill Manor's shower block.
6. There will be a 3 stage booking system. a) 01/04 by phone only for electric hook up b) 05/04 phone or online for non-electric c) 27/05 if allowed, release of more non-electric spaces.
7. The number of volunteers required this year will be approximately 50%. If you volunteered last year you will be contacted shortly.

More details to follow.
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Re: Bongo Bash at Stourport Update

Post by Bob » Fri Feb 26, 2021 8:40 pm

Same number of volunteers, but we work 50% hours. :lol:

Just kidding. 8)
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Re: Bongo Bash at Stourport Update

Post by MT Tank » Tue Jun 01, 2021 3:46 pm

If any one is interested, I will be running craft workshops during the stay at Stourport.

I will have my marquee, where Colin did food (hopefully)

I will have a small charge, plus 20% of takings going to the Bongo Charity.

If any one else wants to run workshops please let me know.