front wishbones

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front wishbones

Post by leswats44 » Fri Apr 26, 2019 11:22 am

Hi all, just replaced second side w/b seems to me way to go,
after removing wheel/disc and brake calliper, use tuning fork type joint tool
look at btm of back plate there is a slot you can see b/j slide tool in and whack
it only took me 6 or so whack's with club hammer for joint to give. I found it
best not to seperate calliper from carrier, but just remove slider bolts one at
a time to clean and grease. Pushing back pistons is a fiddle but i just use
G clamp and small metal bar across pistons after removing brake fluid cap
with rag around to catch any spill ( pushing back pistons makes b/f rise )
only tools I used were 17/19/21mm sockets with long bar, club hammer
trolly jack, axle stand. I also put new disd's and pads on.
I found putting long bolt back loose then b/j , support other end with
Bongo jack to fit "c " bracket don't tighten nuts fully until van off jack's.
good luck anybody doing this job
I also found using tool upside down better
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