Petrol 2.0 intermittent starting

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Petrol 2.0 intermittent starting

Post by Waddi_ni » Sat Mar 30, 2019 7:54 pm

Hey, I'm having an intermittent starting issue with my Bongo. It's a 2.0 Petrol model.

It'll start and run fine when I first drive it. Then if I pop in to the shops for five minutes and go to start it again it won't start up. The lights come on on the dashboar but when I turn the key nothing happens. Sometimes it'll work if it's left for 15-20mins.

I've reset the immobiliser by disconnecting the battery for five minutes. I've replaced the battery in the fob also.

I've also removed and cleaned the contacts on the starter motor but it's still happening.

Anyone got any other ideas?
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