Removing interior reversing light

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Removing interior reversing light

Post by trianglegirl » Mon Mar 18, 2019 11:42 am

Hi all,

Looking for advice on how to safely disconnect an unnecessary bulb and casing.

I bought a silver screen for my rear window recently, and when I went to fit it, I realised that there was a large plastic cover near the top of the window on the inside of the vehicle, which stopped the screen fitting flush. After further investigation, I discovered it was an additional breaking and reversing light. A quick google search showed that most Bongos don't seem to have this additional light anymore. I've decided to remove it and have removed most of the fittings.

The wiring for the bulb comes from the body of the rear door. I'd like to disconnect the bulb and safely cap off/terminate the wire. I assume this is linked up to the car battery and so I'm wondering whats the best way to safely terminate the wire? I can tuck it back into the body of the rear door, but I don't want a live wire hanging about!

Obviously, I go to my local garage/auto-electrician, but I feel like its such a small job to bother them with?
Has anyone removed this light before? Any advice?

Sorry, I don't have any pictures, can upload some this evening if it helps.

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