More sleep inducing oil specs

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More sleep inducing oil specs

Post by BongoBongo123 » Sun Feb 10, 2019 12:05 pm

Become somewhat obsessed with oils of late. :lol:

I have seen many suggest that oil is better now but it seems even in 1995 semi synthetic oils was available. I am not 100pct sure of the exact specs of the 2.5D Bongo oil so am not sure if they expected it to be filled with basic mineral oil or a semi synth formulation. It is probably true that modern oils are better but leaving it in a year seems a stretch for the diesel, given its short oil change cycle. It appears that for example current API spec is SM for 10w40.

(This link has an explanation outlining API specs through the decades) ... ummary.jpg

I have 10L of semi synth oil for £10.00 per 5L with this current spec of SM 2016 ! Called Optima by BRIT OIL.

I used to use Castrol Magnatec 10w40 and leave that in a year. Pricey but probably at worst a decent, a trustable brand. But I suspect
it is actually not much different from any oil that is in spec. Given £10.00/5L is supposedly in spec and made by a UK company I bought some. I am on a 6 month interval with cheaper oils now. I have a range of oils here from various brands and will test them on 6 month cycles.

I currently have Mannol 10w40 Semi Synth in there for this 6 months (also only £22.00 for 10L) It seems to be a German/Lithuanian owned brand, and seems fine as far as I can tell, engine seems smooth and quiet. I have some Optima (Brit Oil), Triple QX, Mannol and the most expensive at just £32.00 for 10L Shell Helix (albeit on offer). I have also used Halfords in the past and it seemed fine.

It is obviously impossible to measure oil performance as an end user but I suspect that in a diesel short cycles are best given the colour it comes out after a short time. I am torn between unknown and known brands. On one hand if there is zero way of finding out if more pricey oil is better then you could be wasting money for nothing as long as the cheap oil meets spec (semi synth cheap API SM oil must be pretty good compared to what was knocking about in 1995). On the other there is a sense of trust with a known brand albeit at price premium.

I suspect once I have worked my way through a few 6 month cycles I will settle on Triple QX, Shell Helix or Halfords when on offer as they are very reasonable priced and yet have backing of large entities. (Europarts make Triple QX I think) I found 10L of Shell Helix for £32.00 so you have to wait for it to be on offer as it is usually much more expensive.

Low/mid price and with well known origins.
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