A Survey of Bongo Prices (Private Sales)

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A Survey of Bongo Prices (Private Sales)

Postby Ian » Mon Mar 27, 2017 10:20 am

Over the weekend I compared prices of private sales on Autotrader, the BF "For Sale" page, and Loot. Here are my conclusions.

In the table below you will see typical sale prices for different types, and years, of Bongo.

Column A shows the typical price of a good condition professional camper conversion with AFT or aftermarket roof
Column B shows a good condition 8-seater with AFT with 100,000 miles. (Subtract £1k for a lowtop)
Column C shows a fair condition low top with some rust and/or high mileage

95–97 £5,500 £3,000 £1,750
98–99 £7,000 £4,000 £3,250
99–01 £8,500 £5,500 £4,500
02–06 £10,500 £7,000 £5,500

These figures are broad estimates. There is not a lot of difference between the sale price of a two-wheel or four-wheel drive, petrol or diesel Bongo. But some types of Bongo (for example those with manual transmission, four-wheel drive new-shape low-tops, 2003 two-litre Bongos in fancy colours and LPG conversions) will attract premium prices because of their rarity value.
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