Cooking in a Bongo?

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Cooking in a Bongo?

Post by Expo » Wed Dec 05, 2018 4:39 pm

Hi all .... New to Bongo ownership (in fact we haven't actually got it yet ... !!) but trying to plan in advance. Being used to a whole kitchen to cook in, I'm wondering about cooking in the confined space of a Bongo kitchen. Can anyone share hints and tips for two ring cooking, favourite recipes for a decent meal for two, best equipment to buy etc etc ..... Not planning on using precious space for a microwave, so all advice and recommendations gratefully received. Many thanks everyone ....
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Re: Cooking in a Bongo?

Post by g8dhe » Wed Dec 05, 2018 4:54 pm

Ah that's easy to answer we have our Chef's cook book by the infamous Muzowera; ... 72#p467872
As to pots and the like the RidgeMonkeys are currently favourite I use this one now with the removable handles ... UTF8&psc=1
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Re: Cooking in a Bongo?

Post by Bob » Wed Dec 05, 2018 11:03 pm

Good tips from Geoff. 8)

Rice and tinned chili/curry is easy. :wink:
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Re: Cooking in a Bongo?

Post by Expo » Thu Dec 06, 2018 9:33 am

Thanks for the replies. Some very interesting recipes there to try out :shock: ..... might have a go at some of them before Bongo arrives in the new year. Probably best to wait and see just how much space I’ve (not) got to store stuff before buying pans etc but the camping cookware idea seems perfect. It’s a whole new world .... can’t wait to get started. Thanks again.
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Re: Cooking in a Bongo?

Post by Bob » Thu Dec 06, 2018 10:08 am

Bongo Meets start early in the year, do pop along to some and pick up lots of ideas. :D
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Re: Cooking in a Bongo?

Post by tootsmcfruits » Thu Dec 06, 2018 11:12 am

I bought this which is quite handy for sticking in the glove box for ideas, although to be honest you just need a bit of imagination! And a tin of custard, obviously... :lol: ... th=1&psc=1
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Re: Cooking in a Bongo?

Post by Flanners » Thu Dec 06, 2018 4:03 pm

I have an outback, so can cook with the rear door open, cooked some burgers and a fry up or two over the Summer and would probably stick to warming soup, cooking pasta/sauces, boiling a kettle when in the van etc.... as the food smell lingers a bit even with the doors open; I would also be concerned about grease marks on the roof fabric with prolonged use. I use the Bongo stove/sink/kitchen when parked up for drinks and lunch mainly.

Frozen paella proved a hit with salad; I purchased a standalone stove from Halfords for a tenner to heat such food without stinking out the van. :D
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Re: Cooking in a Bongo?

Post by Muzorewa » Thu Dec 06, 2018 4:15 pm

Ah yes, I'd nearly forgotten about this little lot :lol: :D :shock: :shock: :D :lol:

I reckon phases 32 and 45 were the best :D

Phase 01 Piri-piri chicken livers January 15th 2010
Phase 02 Chicken liver, prawn & squid paella January 22nd 2010
Phase 03 Pork & clam cataplana January 29th 2010
Phase 04 Flamenco eggs February 5th 2010
Phase 05 Tortilla española February 12th 2010
Phase 05a Tortilla tortillas February 15th 2012
Phase 06 Tartiflette, snails & frog’s legs February 19th 2010
Phase 07 Mole poblano de guajalote February 26th 2010
Phase 08 Mushroom stroganoff March 5th 2010
Phase 09 Spam goulash March 12th 2010
Phase 10 Haggis & mash oatcakes with gravy March 19th 2010
Phase 11 Chorizo & chickpea stew March 26th 2010
Phase 12 Stuffed squids with cous cous April 2nd 2010
Phase 13 Black pudding, quail’s eggs & tomatoes April 9th 2010
Phase 14 Razor clams & chorizo April 16th 2010
Phase 15 Barbecued frikadellen & bockwürsts April 23rd 2010
Phase 16 Pork with cactus & tomatillos April 30th 2010
Phase 17 Octopus with quinoa May 7th 2010
Phase 18 Duck with pickled red cabbage May 14th 2010
Phase 19 Conger eel May 21st 2010
Phase 20 Leftover paella May 24th 2010
Phase 21 Rabbit & carrot see-food special May 28th 2010
Phase 22 Paella con arroz negro June 4th 2010
Phase 23 Fabada Asturiana June 11th 2010
Phase 24 Trout with almonds June 15th 2010
Phase 25 Pie floater June 18th 2010
Phase 26 Quail tagine June 25th 2010
Phase 26a Lamb tagine June 27th 2010
Phase 27 Chimichangas July 2nd 2010
Phase 28 Crisp fried plaice July 9th 2010
Phase 29 American ranch steak July 16th 2010
Phase 30 Hot tuna, mash, peas & parsley sauce July 23rd 2010
Phase 31 Portuguese paella July 30th 2010
Phase 31a Fish & Chips August 1st 2010
Phase 32 Wienerschnitzel & potato salad August 6th 2010
Phase 33 Spicy scallops with lime August 13th 2010
Phase 34 Laverbread, bacon & egg August 20th 2010
Phase 35 Stuffed mackerel, prawns & samphire August 27th 2010
Phase 36 Red hot beef with cashews & noodles September 3rd 2010
Phase 37 Migas September 10th 2010
Phase 38 Spam fritters September 17th 2010
Phase 38a Stir-fried Pot Noodle, Spam & beans September 19th 2010
Phase 38b Pot Noodle, Spam, haggis & beans July 12th 2011
Phase 39 Chicken fajitas September 24th 2010
Phase 39a Scotch pancakes September 29th 2010
Phase 40 Chili con carne Oaxaqueño October 1st 2010
Phase 40a Chili con carne à la Silverstone October 3rd 2010
Phase 40b Chili con carne à la Ashbourne October 17th 2010
Phase 41 Chicken & BlackBerries October 8th 2010
Phase 42 Spamella October 14th 2010
Phase 42a Salmonella October 15th 2010
Phase 43 Chinese hors d’oeuvres October 22nd 2010
Phase 44 Corned beef hash October 29th 2010
Phase 45 Fried Camembert November 5th 2010
Phase 46 Stir-fried cuttlefish November 12th 2010
Phase 47 Grrruffalo burgers November 18th 2010
Phase 47a Beaujolais Nouveau November 19th 2010
Phase 48 Salmon & prawns in lime & piri-piri November 26th 2010
Phase 49 Chicken liver tortitas December 3rd 2010
Phase 50a Shami kebabs (shop) December 8th 2010
Phase 50b Shami kebabs (packet) December 9th 2010
Phase 50c Shami kebabs (scratch) December 10th 2010
Phase 51a Sincronizadas December 16th 2010
Phase 51b Mixed pork griddle December 17th 2010
Phase 52a Good King Wenceslas pizza December 23rd 2010
Phase 52b Christmas dinner December 24th 2010
Phase 53 Trout in pecan sauce with pinto bean stew August 3rd 2012
Phase 54 Pot Noodle December 14th 2012
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Re: Cooking in a Bongo?

Post by Bongo Brain » Tue Dec 11, 2018 10:37 am

Thanks for posting the link to that cookbook - I think I'll add that to my list for Santa
Just wanted to say to the OP, and in general anyway...
I bought one of those odd looking little toaster devices, for toasting on a gas ring
Must say, for about £4 on eBay, it was a great purchase :D

Also, it folds down quite small, and toasts bread more evenly than you might expect
Of course, man or woman should not live on toast alone! And it's hardly a culinary masterpiece, But I love a slice of warm buttered toast with my morning cuppa :) Just thought I'd mention it here, as I was unaware of these fab little useful devices.... ah the simplicity :D ... 0505.m3226
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Re: Cooking in a Bongo?

Post by Philfish » Fri Dec 14, 2018 11:37 am

After 20 plus years of campervans of all sizes, one thing we noticed early on is that whatever is above or adjacent to the burners will suffer. One brand new van had a blind and its whole housing warped and turned a horrible shade of tan. Since then frying has been verboten. We swear by a small slow cooker if hooked up to electric, but if you have to cook, slow stews, simmering dishes etc are the way ahead.
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