23/02/21 JAL

23/02/21: IS THIS THE BEST BONGO IN WORLD STOCK ? We think it could be, B9096-ULTRA LOW MILES. Year 2006 New shape. Only 16,000 Miles (certificated). 2.0l eco engine. Has the 4 points valuable provenance, for resale value, and peace of mind, Japan Grade 4 authenticated. Choice of 9 roofs and 17 Camper/Kitchen combinations,

£14999 as MPV with roof

£15999 seats/Rear kitchen, with roof

£18999 as a FULL CAMPER with roof even inc the SUPERWIDE 47 inch bed,

Tel 01386 792946 or 07729386968 or see MOTORHOMES www.jalimports.co.uk Over 150 vehicles on 3 sites in Worcester

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