08/05/20 JAL

08/05/20: The Nissan Elgrand is the super luxury cruiser, and LPG compliments it too give serious performance at low running costs, similar footprint to a Bongo, but more spacious inside and has walk through front seats, the Bongo is still number one with us , but JAL are now reducing some Elgrands in price to help support the Bongo numbers. This example can have TWO roofs; super headroom MUSHROOM and light lift which is smaller. Side conversions with 47 inch bed width and 42 inch are currently available. SUPERFAST INSTALL also available, almost no waiting as they are on a separate fitting stream,

£16999 includes two roof choices and two convert styles

3500cc engine, 2003 year. Low 44,000 Miles warranted, 4wd and 2wd drive on the dash

Tel 01386 792946 or 07729386968 or see MOTORHOMES www.jalimports.co.uk Here now in UK we have in excess of 150 imports on 3 sites