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One of the common misconceptions about owning a Bongo (or any grey import) is that motor insurance is almost impossible to get hold of. This may have been true once upon a time, but is now no longer the case, although some of the major insurance companies still refuse to insure “grey imports”.

Motor Insurance of any description depends on your personal circumstances. Is your postcode in a “safe” area? How long have you held your licence? Do you have any points on your licence? Is your vehicle parked on the street or is it garaged? Do you want to nominate a second driver? Will you use it on business?

If you have had kitchen units installed, then only firms who deal with Motorhomes will insure your vehicles. And if you have done the conversion yourself, then you will need a specialist insurer. Specialist insurers can be found on the Self-Build Motorcaravanners site here.

Generally speaking, if you live in a safe-ish area, and are quoted more than £400 fully comprehensive for insuring your Bongo, then shop elsewhere.

You should also check exactly what you are insuring. Firms such as Admiral (not listed below) will insure your Bongo, but when it comes to making a claim if your vehicle is stolen will pay out the current market value of the base vehicle only.

The following companies have been recommended by our members. We are always interested in hearing from others.


468p X 60p Mazda Bongo

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