Easy savings phone/broadband/mobile

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Easy savings phone/broadband/mobile

Postby BongoBongo123 » Sun Apr 09, 2017 2:58 pm

My dad showed me a programme that Martin someone money saving yesterday. I saved £150.00 this year by phoning my mobile company and landline company this korning after checking a couple of best deals and challenging them on the phone. A total of 25 mins phoning saved me £150.00 so well worth the short time taken. I dare say anyone can do this and reduce their bills. I immediately saved £84.00 annually on my mobile tariff (I did not even have to change from the company I am with as they were fleecing me for £16.00/month and I got it down to £9.00 a month for identical facility) and have exactly the same mins/texts and internet data!

Try these sites:




Also check out a company called Auto Aid I don't know the terms/quality of service exactly and I am happy with AA at the mo but it can be useful to beat down renewal quotes from AA and RAC next renewal.


I am fairly sure if you are paying over the odds (and these companies never phone you and let you know about lower tariffs you have to phone them to avoid being stung !) You only have 30mins to lose and significant savings to get. That could offset Bongo fuel price increases for the year. :D
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Re: Easy savings phone/broadband/mobile

Postby Bongolia » Sun Apr 09, 2017 7:26 pm

Did something like this recently.
We have/had two lines both BT. One for outgoing the other for in. One has to be BT as it runs our (BT) Redcare alarm system the other had the credit card machine and the broadband. After looking at comms costs we decided to ditch one BT line replacing it with a Giff Gaff monthly deal for the outgoing calls at 20.00 pcm and a desktop "mobile"phone. It works perfectly well with the bonus that we are able to text customers with qoutes and updates. Giff Gaff contacted us via email robot and advised that we could run on a lower tarriff !So now its 15.00 pcm.
Savings of almost 800.00 pa compared with BT.
If we could switch offthe Redcare line we would ditch that one too.
We dont do DD's so BT charge us 12.00 ukp to "PROCESS" our payment even though it is done by bank transfer into there account.Talk about tucking up the consumer.
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Re: Easy savings phone/broadband/mobile

Postby sotal » Sun Apr 09, 2017 11:09 pm

We constantly keep on top of these sort of things to avoid paying over the odds.

We don't have a landline,
We pay £5 per month each for our mobile contracts (500 mins, unlimited text and 1GB data)
We have virgin broadband which comes as part of a package with TV Tivo etc. (This we could get down by removing services but at £35 /month for 60mb broadband and HD TV with Tivo recording it is competitive)

So all in TV, broadband and 2 phone lines with all the calls/texts/internet we need is £45 /month. I know people at work who pay that for their mobile contract alone.

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