10/04/17 JAL Alphard


10/04/17: The FUTURE is being built and here now. Meet the MUSHROOM super headroom Toyota Alphard-

The Bongo still rules in our view and will do for some time, but the Nissan Elgrand and Toyota Alphard are making inroads.

Please call us or email and will send you the largest UK stock of high level Mazda Bongo, Toyota Alphards, Nissan Elgrands, and the real low down on each; we have enormous stocks of all, so no bias.

In a nut shell the Bongo with a larger roof , still dominates the 12-15k market, after 15k the Nissan and Toyota fight it out.

Tel 01386 792946 or 07729 386968 or see www.jalimports.co.uk

09/04/17 Mazda Bongo Company

mbc1 mbc2

09/04/17: Mazda Bongos for sale. 2000 to 2007’s available from £4,500. We have a extensive range of Bongos on our fully stocked forecourt at all times, vehicles arriving weekly! We offer a range of bespoke conversions and roofs to suit your needs.

For details, help or guidance please visit our website at www.themazdabongocompany.co.uk or ring us on 01637 880994

06/04/17 Japautos

06/04/17: 2 BERTH MAZDA BONGO CAMPERVAN WITH REAR KITCHEN CONVERSION. 2006, Automatic, 2.0, Petrol, 82,700 Miles, 5 Seater, Swivel bench Seat so middle row can face forward or backwards. This is the newest bongo available on the market. 2006 on an 06 Plate. The Brand New Rear Kitchen Conversion includes the following: Under Seat Storage, Upholstered Cushions with 2 Inch Foam (Fitted with Zip for cleaning), Stainless Steel SMEV Twin Burner Hob and Sink, Water Tap and Electric Water Pump fed from a Water Tank, Dedicated Gas Locker with Flexible Gas Pipe and Regulator, Bench Seats with Table. Comes with 12 Month Warranty, 12 Months MOT & 6 Months Road Tax


We currently have 25 Bongos in stock. Check out our website for details of current stock.

Call Steve on 02380 224764 Website: www.japautosbongos.co.uk Email: japautos@yahoo.co.uk

01/04/17 JAL

01/04/17: Only 20,000 miles certificated. Stunning condition Year 2002. 2.0l eco engine. Choice of 17 Conversions/Kitchens. Choice of 9 roofs,

£11999 with roof/8 seats

£12999 with roof/kitchen/electrics

£15999 as FULL Camper and largest headroom roofs

Tel 01386 792946 or 07729 386968 or see MOTORHOMES www.jalimports.co.uk

01/04/17 Andys Imports


01/04/17: 2001 Mazda Bongo 2.eco baby blue /white exterior with baby blue kitchen units. Fresh import, new easy lift elevating roof with bed, full side camper conversion, stunning van!

~Stand out from the crowd~~£14,995.

See more at: www.andys imports.co.uk   The Bongo People~Bongo on site workshops, parts, roof fitting~camper conversions, wood shop~~the one stop Bongo shop~~~07768 933521

01/04/17 Andys Imports

andys1901d andys1901c

01/04/17: 2003 Mazda Bongo aero 2.0 eco, finished in gleaming black paint work. Outstanding condition; we have fitted our latest high-lift elevating roof with red canopy!! Stand out from the crowd. Van has been lowered 3” to give that cool look. Also has full side camper conversion.

Ready to go, don’t miss a real looker only £14995.

See more at www.andysimports.co.uk tel:07768 933521.

28/03/17 JAL

jal336 jal337

28/03/17: THE FUTURE IS HERE! Why buy an aftermarket roof that is small and narrow when “sky-lift” is here now, LARGER THAN A FACTORY TOP AFT? Choice of 7 roofs including the MUSHROOM built at www.jalimports.co.uk. Sky-Lift is larger than the aft, lighter, colour coded, has HUGE internal walkway front seats to tailgate, ideal for campers. Better mpg, and can SLEEP 2 WITH EASE upstairs and still fit in the garage.

Tel 01386 792946 or 07729 386968 and see the range of ELEVATORS and the latest HARDTOPS with beds and storage.

Also the largest range of “CERTIFIED MILES” Bongos in Europe, we nearly always have 60-90 , 7 days a week.

28/03/17 JAL


28/03/17: MUSHROOM ROOF, can be fitted to any tin tops we supply. HUGE WALKWAY INSIDE, ideal for CAMPERS, especially MID CONVERTS, Lighter so better on fuel, more walkway, more head room, more “space feel” above your head, this roof now makes the Bongo an even more avid contender against the VW.

Tel 01386 792946 or 07729 386968 or see MOTORHOMES www.jalimports.co.uk

Select a tintop and have the market leading roof, installed, with HUNDREDS actively in use. JAL supporting the BONGO